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Bonjour ~

"When night comes. . I lay and think. .

Names _____, get to know me so you know who I am exactly. I draw, I'm 20 and yet I don't feel old as everyone calls me when people say your "old". ******** off maybe? Atm I don't know what else to say nor at the fact I care if your reading this. Something to let your eyes roam over while you hear some music playing.
Thank you for taking a peep of what I got.

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. . if you was my Nightingale, would you forever sing to me?"


Batman_Senpai on 08/26/2014
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Kamavirya Dosojin
Kadon AIastyre
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Alice OIiveira
Samaritan Code
Irritus de Mors

Best buds <3

The picture of my character and the winged fellow.
Its a drawing people.
The artist had free choice of how to draw us.
So don't b***h and complain about it.
Art is Art.
Nothing more and nothing less.