I've been on Gaia for far too long.

I like RPing.
Send me a message if you're interested in a 1x1...
Or a 1x2.
Or any number of people.

I love getting art.
I also love making it.

I'm generally friendly, but...
I do have a nasty side.
Only if you deserve it, of course.
Not on first impressions, either.
You won't see it if you're nice.
Or if you're intelligent.

I hate stupidity.
I hate rudeness even more.
Don't piss me off, please.

Here's some lovely art I've recieved:
by AlyssaSaurus.
by u go puta.
by Lady Dawna.
by [N]in [M]aster.
by Dainty Doe.
by Bacon Siege.
by tea_daiquiri.
by Quidni.
by Emihaumut.
by Trainer-Lil.
by Roasted Omlette.
by garbagebaby.
by Heiney.