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'Ello, profile stalker person! The name is DelarStar.
My friends call me Dela or Delly though.
I'm too lazy to write about myself so here's a list o/[/color]

1. I'm random.
2. I like the color orange.
3. I like the color purple.
4. I wear glasses.
5. They're thick frames, colored orange and black.
6. I turn nineteen on June 2nd.
7. Thinks zombies and unicorns go well together.
8. Man-eating unicorns are the best unicorns.
9. Manga fangirl.
10. Likes manga better than anime.
11. Most of the time.
13. Plays WoW.
14. WoW stands for World of Warcraft.
15. I like confetti.
16. I'm the Deity of Confetti.
17. And of a Stalker group.
18. I own two roleplays, wahaha.