I draw. :]
On the bus, in the bathroom, and in my dreams. I draw.
If you don't like how I draw, suck it.
If you do, PM me.
Alot of the pieces I do for people are free.
If you'd like examples, then I've provided some below.

[x] [x]

I HAVE done some, I just can't find any right now. Trust me. I have some.

And I feel like I should tell you that I suck at males. Only if my hand is in a very good & giving mood can I find myself drawing a male that doesn't have a semi-girlish figure.

This isn't a main account. I just recall stuttering the words "free art" and being bombarded with PM's. So if I don't get back to you immediately, I'm not purposely ignoring you because I hate you.
Don't expect your art immediately. I do it in pen, and I screw up alot. </3

Lilbabybottlepop101 [WIP]

Nope nope nope nope.


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Cool avi

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Add me everyone it's me Dehydratedcarrots some douche bag changed the email to my real account so I made this one D;
Hello Kacie

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Hello Kacie

Whats your main acc? o:

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sleeping giant1

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sleeping giant1

how old are you?
sleeping giant1

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sleeping giant1

btw why wher you jealous about the pic of the name
sleeping giant1

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sleeping giant1

lol better than 6 head, im just ******** with you
sleeping giant1

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sleeping giant1

ahahahahah how
sleeping giant1

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sleeping giant1

na thats just how i took the pic but sure i have a 4 head not a 5head
-Tickle Meh Giggles-

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-Tickle Meh Giggles-

Im gonna pour blood all over you when you sleep then rip out your liver
and stick it in your ear and make you sallow her bladder. heart heart


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