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Name: DefectiveCircuitry
Occupation: Student/moocher (??) (????)
Pronouns: Your Nefariousness they/he/she idgaf really...
a better question would be why i should care what you call me when i'm not even around to hear it

I'm a recent graduate from universi-colleg-skool so you'll find me bumming around Gaia most days. Yeah. There's really not that much about me to say. Eh..uh.

People like lists, right? Random lists time!

Currently playing (no spoilers please!):
Devil Survivor Overclocked -- going for the demon king ending and i'm not good at strategy help
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Shin Megami Tensei IV -- why do i feel like everybody in this game is a bit of a jerk. even i, the mc, am a bit of an a**.
Ace Attorney Dual Destinies -- i like this new prosecutor. he's a jailbird. hah. (why is he a british samurai tho.)

Games I like:
The Elder Scrolls series -- lmk if anyone's interested in a tes rp. i have a tiny bosmer dumbass who can't stay out of trouble and i'd love to do something with that. ;w; also feel free to chat with me about tes lore or your ocs! (only i'm not trusting that q&a from the teso team. i've done my research and they can't be trusted! ffs the orcs aren't beastfolk; they're orcsiMER. )
The Kingdom Hearts series -- kh is my first fandom and i love it very much even though it is complete bullshit. also feel free to chat with me about kh!
Persona 3&4 -- i'm more of a p3 kind of person, but yeah. i like them both. unfortunately i haven't gotten around to 1 or 2 yet.
Legend of Mana -- jumi arc is my favourite. music and concept and art is so delicious. yep.
Ace Attorney: yes.

Lots. I can't even remember all of them right now.
Recently: Parasyte, Osomatsu-san (comeonseasontwopls), Yowamushi Pedal, etc.

Animeish or animated things that aren't actually anime:
Abridged Series -- YGOTAS, DBZA, Mirai Nikki Abridged (yunoinbox), YGXTAS, Nullmetal Alchemist, DRAT (faulerro again), Pokemon 'Bridged, None Piece, Code MENT.
Terrain of Magical Expertise (TOME)

Youtubers and Youtube things:
NicoB -- everything is blind, his voiceacting is hilarious, he respects his fanbase and the games he plays, his editing is brilliant, and he now has an adorable puppy. what's not to like?
Cryaotic -- it's cry. his voice is one of the chillest things in the universe, he gets emotionally-attached to characters, and he has an amazing laugh. go. go subscribe.
MasakoX -- three words. bad. fanfiction. theatre.
Dan Bull -- has anyone not heard of this video game rapper?
BoyinaBand, Dave Brown -- does video game raps and other things. also long hair represent!
EthosLab -- a redstone master and a chill dude.
Sips -- the real guy, the best guy. gave us wonderful, memorable characters like princess leia the lizard wizard prostitute supermodel, pretty margaret, deborah, satan, old gravey, and many, many more. part of the yogscast.
Jubyphonic, Kuraiinu, sirhamnet, RO☆D, ashestoashesjc, rachie -- vocaloid and anime song covers.

Well this is getting long. I'll update it again when I'm more awake.


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tsuruaka Report | 09/12/2016 12:21 pm
Sounds pretty good~
I just finished morning classes and I need to run off to badminton in a bit.

Patterns are so nice until they pixel them differently and it's just like welp why
tsuruaka Report | 09/12/2016 11:11 am
I'm doing alright. It's going significantly better than frosh year. Still tiring af though.

How's life treating you? :3
tsuruaka Report | 09/12/2016 10:23 am
Thank you so much! emotion_kirakira
tsuruaka Report | 08/19/2016 5:27 pm
When the dress up tab refuses to equip an outfit until you spazz click it 5 times then you know you've done it rofl

You should emotion_dowant
tsuruaka Report | 08/19/2016 5:24 pm
THANK YOU emotion_kirakira
I'm pretty sure the dressup tab hates me right now rofl
S W l F T Y Report | 08/18/2016 8:52 pm
No worries no worries <3
I use a lot of dresses and skirts and I have trouble finding things that layer like that and have a nice shape
S W l F T Y Report | 08/18/2016 6:56 pm
I deel like I'm chit chatting too much in the thread lol
By sash I meant the hanging piece on the lower half.
tsuruaka Report | 07/14/2016 10:59 pm
tsuruaka Report | 07/10/2016 7:35 pm
Sounds about right LMAO

//prays for your sanity
tsuruaka Report | 07/10/2016 6:18 pm
Navy + red + any neutral color is like yes please emotion_kirakira
rip us for using stupidly rare color combos


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