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i hate pandas
1) deffy is mommy to 2 hyper boys, so she will vanish on you from time to time... sorry in advance.
2) deffy loves the report button<3
3) deffy does NOT take random friend requests! i am very proud of my very small friendslist <3
4) deffy gets busy on weekends.
5) deffy supports and loves the act of giving and donating! if you haven't yet, go find a nice charity or quest to support. giving is good!!!

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[ Gaia Bookworm Association: book club ]
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*I need a new piccy XD
[ 20something || female || gemini ]
[ straight || mommy || kawaii ]

Ello! You can call me Deffy<3
(users name is spelled with an " i " not an " L" )
I have been on Gaia since August of 2003 and have bounced from forum to forum over the years. I love this site, and don't really intend on leaving any time soon. I have held many different accounts and hosted many different threads and guilds over the years, and consider the forums my favorite part of the site.(I have never even tried the cars or most of the other games. XD )
These days you will find me in the ART/BC/LifeIssues/BartonTown/Heaven/Chatterbox forums... or lurking around in random places. I LOVE giving random donations and generally spend all my gold on people I find nice and interesting. I enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to send me a PM or quote me sometime.
I have 9 Gaia wives (Mushi, psychotic_gal, Rodidor, Melancholy Gypsy, ll 77 ll, Lady Niara, -=Urumi_Sakura=-, KizaSapphire, Adelaide_Lynn, Rin Kairiu), and two forcibly taken husbands(Zonic v2, Tellius)... who are some of the most lovely people I have met over the years, and I luffles them all to death! As well as pretty much anyone on my friends list. I keep it small so I can love on them daily. smilies/icon_heart.gif
Former User Names: Ayashiiko, MidnightRaven, RavenEyez, HAL0, Inoriko, Shihoriko, Xx_DeathBeforeDishonor_xX, i!Flutterybye!i, LuvBunny, MissMistletoe, MissMertricious, TexTehSex, Deffy the Holy Angelord, Adorablex... and maybe a few more i've forgotten XD

I spend all my off-line time with my two boys, being silly. I spend all my other time working on projects, writing, drawing, painting, reading, and curled up on the couch watching some kind of movie or anime. I enjoy all kinds of books and regularly spend my Saturday nights reading. My real name begins with a J, it's boring. I live in Minnesota, USA... which has to be one of the best places to be. Despite how much I like to complain about the weather. It's soooo cold! XD
And crushing on my earlykins... Shh don't tell. It's a secret. <3

Friend Code: 4227-4105-1204
Hearthstone: defauit#1543
DFO: Deffy
DA: deffybby
Twitter: @_defauit

***I can also be contacted off-site through AIM, YIM, MSN, Skype, and Email. If you want one of these just ask. smilies/icon_heart.gif

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Happy Birthday!

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Defffyyy~ emotion_kirakira

Don't nom on me. D:

I guess I'm a potato though.

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Your avatar is amazing.
Rei Angra

Report | 02/22/2016 4:32 pm

Rei Angra

Catfolk Rogue

Report | 02/20/2016 11:59 pm

Catfolk Rogue

I love your avatar.
Euphoric Melancholy

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Euphoric Melancholy

thanks for the purchase heart

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Thank you. I like your new look. 3nodding

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I missed you to. crying

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Hi. 3nodding
shea the anti-venom

Report | 01/20/2016 7:17 pm

shea the anti-venom

meeep hii,also awesome new profile girlie..^^


🌸 lotus guild 🌸

omigosh... only a week till nudey time!smilies/icon_gonk.gif