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Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 10:41 pm
Paper Friend
I know, I know. xD
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 10:07 pm
Paper Friend
I've done that before...actually a lot recently.. xD
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 9:47 pm
Paper Friend
Really? o . o?
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 9:32 pm
Paper Friend

My night has been pretty good. How about you?
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 9:14 pm
Paper Friend
Oooh I see.
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 9:06 pm
Paper Friend
I'm from Canada too silly. xD
Paper Friend Report | 12/31/2014 9:04 pm
Paper Friend
Well its not quite new years for me yet, 3 more hours to go. xD

Happy New Years to you too! *throws confetti*
Paper Friend Report | 12/20/2014 11:45 am
Paper Friend
Busy? Pfft I'm never busy during college break. xD
Well I'll talk to you later friend!
Paper Friend Report | 12/20/2014 11:36 am
Paper Friend
I love Log Horizon! emotion_kirakira
Eh.. I don't talk to too many people that often either. = u =;;
Paper Friend Report | 12/20/2014 11:18 am
Paper Friend
I'm not up to date on either the manga or the anime of Fairy Tail.... > >;;;

Oooh I probably should watch the new episode, I've definitely probably missed a few and need to catch up.


Hey the names James King you may know me as Decked!

Also I'm Canadian

I'm just a normal Otaku lover boy.

I'm really old now a days 21 years old

I'm happily taken smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif

if you want to know more ask! I love making new friends smilies/icon_ninja.gif