Ah yes, I see you have noticed my little spoiler here~
you must be wondering why you are here?
eh, i just figured id do a little about me paragraph.
Happy reading~

Alright so, hi my name is Krystal. im commonly known as Dece, Krys... and 500 other different names that im too lazy to place here~
My Previous Usernames were, Deceptive Requiem, Deceptive Darky, Dark Musical Angel, Lady K Skyline.

okay, so enough about my username. lets get to more about me.
Im 20 years old, Les'. Crazy about cats.
Some people would say im an odd person. Easy to get along with, but i can be difficult at times x w x;
I love to draw pencil art, and sometimes paint.
I guess you could say im obsessed with Music and soo much more xD

Deceptive x Beauty
Wolf McWolferson

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow...

...And I will be in them for eternity

Bestie Corner <3

*~My Cat Collection Progress~*