Yes,that's Death. <3


    Different outlooks on life, we're a difference of might,
    Though similar personalities, a unique passion each night.
    Though special we are, in our own seperate ways.
    Somehow we'll make it, together in life

    Such a dainty corruption, to such a different light,
    Yet she makes me feel safety in the dark of the night.
    Will you hold me more, as I pull to you close.
    I need you, your touch, I need everything you can offer.

    It's more than just our soul, it's our love,
    Our touch, our feelings, our pain, our joy,
    Our meows. I'm but just a single human,
    You are a deity of the skies, my errors are strong,
    Your errors are none.

    So just hold me now, as I need guidance from you,
    A special tommorrow, a special lover,
    A superman touch, save me again.
    Save me forever, save me my pain.
    Resources are non as you are them all.
    My body's beat through the unique of the best.


Bloody Roses


Once and awhile I'll run into trouble, but hey I live!((I also love Sydney!))



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Puke Pastel

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Puke Pastel

cute avi c:
Bunnyfish Queen

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Bunnyfish Queen

I am currently under BunnyfishQueen! If you want to find me. This account is banned.

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Ohmi, I am in love with your avatar. It is so cute~! yum_cupcake

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Your avvie is so cute

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I'm profile hopping:
You're stop number 52.

Randall is a Boss

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Randall is a Boss

Wake up
~Sparkling Diamonds~

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~Sparkling Diamonds~

-pokes- Deathy!! Come back!! gonk

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cool avi

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You alive?
darrlynn quit

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Cardi says:

oh god your avatar... you have oisin's blessing and everything!
Questing Oisin's Blessing! heart

Have a very good day! 3nodding


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