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What did my closet not eat this time?

Santa? I promise I was good~


I open up like a book- now you just need a dictionary~ ^^

February first, [date absent], 10:13 eastern standard time; from here on in my life (or at least the vague description of it) is available to you. Hopefully some good will come out of me speaking- well writing this down for your perusal, instead of my usual dumb ideas and their consequences. Haha. So I am guessing some will already be able to guess several things about me, one being that I am a fan of RENT or more specifically Marky Cohen. I loves him lots. Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are simply amazing. Another thing you might have realized is that I also have the same birthday as Mail Jeevas from Deathnote. Matt is another awesome character to worship in a completely healthy fashion. One more detail would be my inability to correctly spell unless I write this in Word first, something I do admit to doing right now.

Okay, enough with the drabbling. I am a teen- that’s all I will say on the age description and I have a big family with a lot of siblings and my friends who are also like my siblings. I live with both my parents and there is plenty of love to be seen as well as fighting and teasing. So my disappearances are excuseable because have you ever tried sharing a computer with a bunch of computer game and facebook lovers? It is almost impossible to get on unless it is super late at night- and my parents are the types were you have to go to bed by eleven on school nights, so thank the heavens for weekends and days off. Also, when it comes to religion I have none- or at least not yet. I used to be catholic but I am now switching to the Church of England for obvious reasons. If you have not yet noted I will happily point out I am bisexual. So if you have a problem with that don’t bother me because I too know colorful language and have no problems tossing the verbal barbs right back and then some.

Alright, I guess I feel okay telling you my nicknames and aliases, just not my real name. I go by Christian- Chris, Chrissy, Chase, Austin, Sin, and Nightroad- all of these names I have used in roleplays I have joined. Speaking of role plays I absolutely love them, but haven’t gotten into a lot recently because of problems at school, but since they are now resolved I am back and looking for role plays that can be about just about anything as long as they are okay with homosexuality and are literate to advanced literate unless they have a super amazing plot. I also love most animes, mangas, television shows, music, and movies and several plays. Though please don’t hate if I give you my honest opinion, especially on characters. My friends have told me on multiple occasions that I hate too many female characters- so now I am trying to make a lost of all of the female characters I can actually stand so please give me suggestions on ones that are not irritating and want to get in the lead males’ pants every few seconds.

Here is a little bit about my personality- note most personality descriptions of characters are my own: I love to judge but hate to be judged, so I will tell you flat out who I am so you can quit your sick guessing game. For starters, one word to describe me would be something like bipolar, one moment morbid, depressing, emotional, and deep. Then I am hyper, cheerful, sickly optimistic, and a sweet whore. But none of those seems to stick long when you actually spend time with me. Well, except for the bipolar part. I seem to be a walking time bomb, never able to find peace in the quietness of sleep because there was no such thing to me. But we can discuss that later. I am also very fake in life were I sometimes practice laughing in a mirror at myself, at how stupid I am at thinking I can pull it off, but somehow I seem to get through it.

I try to find happiness in the strangest of ways and look for any feasible way to pass the time because I become easily bored. I guess I wouldn’t be so strange and tiresome if I could actually give up ten hours of the day to nothingness, but that is unfortunately impossible. I do not need sleep nor can I have it. But if you ask me, I think it is the other way around, my whole life and all that I see is just one sick nightmare.

Any who I have also been told I am annoying, more like a child than a five year old is, and that if I throw another tantrum or ask to watch sponge bob again I am going to get hit in the head. Which sounds rather painful now that I think about it, Oooooh, I am also very sluttish apparently. Not that I really no what that means… I just don’t like hanging with one person for too long. Eventually they are going to bore me and I move on to the next person, is it so hard to understand? I also love tight clothing, which is not a crime. Neither is liking guys, but apparently my parents and most people I know think so.

Some things I love a lot are: anime. manga. soccer. volleyball. snowboarding. skiing. hockey. cosplaying. role playing. dancing. drawing. writing. fast cars. my friends. plushies. sweets. cake. caffine. yaoi. fire. tennis. dancing. cellphone. and my guilty pleasure movies are slasher flicks and cheesey hollywood horror films. Guilty pleasure music is screamo, k-pop and j-pop.

Dear diary- mood apathetic~ ^^

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My thoughts,my beliefs, my stories...

It's mainly going to be a bunch a short stories I made up recently.

You all just love me sooooooo much~

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Nimble Azure Report | 01/17/2014 2:26 pm
Nimble Azure
Cute Avatar you have there! eek
Hatter2 Report | 04/10/2013 9:33 pm
Just had to say I did drool over your Hitachin twins smile
At the end of the year I'm gonna be Haruhi in an OHSHC group cosplay!
Irritator Report | 04/01/2013 8:43 pm
I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu ): I dont know if you remember me though.
Flashing_Neon_Condoms Report | 03/28/2013 8:53 pm
Hellur ~
Not quite sure if you remember me or not.. aha.. you probably don't.. cat_crying
Anyways.. just though I would stop by to say hello and tell you that I miss you D:
Bai~ bai emotion_c8

~ Kitty emotion_yatta
Flashing_Neon_Condoms Report | 11/29/2012 4:49 pm
Hey you ~
It's been forever since we last talked ; ~ ;
I miss you.
awful-ly delirious Report | 11/21/2012 10:51 pm
awful-ly delirious
/ogles over twins.
Vampiric_Tengu Report | 03/26/2012 4:59 pm
i had fun with you and emma babe ^_^ just thought you should know that wink
Vampiric_Tengu Report | 02/13/2012 3:42 pm
hey babe in case i dont hear from you ttonight, or this week happy violentines day. we can just celebrate it on the weekend. you'll enjoy the shirt i'll be wearing XP
Vampiric_Tengu Report | 02/07/2012 10:43 pm
hahahaha sorry your post made me smile and laugh ^__^
yes it was and oh boy its going to be interesting next we play, cause im watching the movies after my....epic fail >_<
haha that was stil pretty funny. GASP!! WE SHOULD HAVE DONE STUFF TO HER!!
ok i dont know if you figured how to put it in:
1. AR card goes into DS with its sticker away from DS, while DS Game card goes into AR card wth sticker facing DS
2. ook when it turns on you have to use a game thats already on the AR card so i.e. pokemon diamond
3. you press on the touch screen the asterisk to go to the cheats
4. then you select the cheats that you want by pressing the asterisk i believe (best to start with one cheat cause sometimes to many will freeze the system)
5. when you have the cheat selected like umm max money you press L+R after your in pokemon and able to walk around
6. go to your trainer card and see if you have 99999+ money if so congrats you just cheated on pokemon d(^_^)b
7. you can then save and turn off the game and the cheat will be off after restarting the system but if you saved even with out the cheat on you will permanently have 99999+ that WILL decrease but hey you can always turn it on again
as a side note some cheats use either SELECT, START, L, R, OR L+R to turn the cheat on so ill provide a link that shows lots of things you need to know about the AR Card AR Cards codes main site this will help if my ranting did not

sorry for long post i just get talkative with games i guess ^^' and to keep it going theres no late night underworld showing for friday T^T so how bout the woman in black at 1040 (i know i know its daniel radcliff but it looks like itd be scary) or theres the grey at 11pm i want to see underworld but theres nothing after 10 and i dont care what we see i just want to see you this weekend since saturday i have dinner with my aunt, so let me know what sounds ok
Vampiric_Tengu Report | 02/06/2012 11:42 pm
hey hon glad i got to hang with you and emma sunday, but anyway main reason for post if you need help with the AR DS card let me know and ill help out, enjoy it ^_^



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