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Hmmmm about me well I say Im a out going guy that loves my friends and loved ones as well even I do my best to help out in situations but cant stand drama that much it gets to me so Ill leave also Im a flirt 2 but I do loved the people i flrit with. Im graduate from high school working now still decideing to go college but I will go I know that and I have a short temper so dont make angry as well I get down and depressed from bad situations or stuff that change around so thats about me.


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Demon's Death Soul

Death upon this journal well make me suffer or make stronger deponds on the will of ur soul and mine.


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Shirashia Report | 06/29/2017 8:17 pm
_Oh thank you old friend, is not for a while yet so I mean. Who knows! Maybe you'll be around the day of the wedding and will be able to stop by!_ smile
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/09/2017 1:42 pm
-purrs and nods- How are you lately?
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/08/2017 7:52 pm
-nods- I guess I just needed time to myself...usually helps when I do get times where I can be alone to think.
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/08/2017 5:23 pm
-hugs- Nyan, I found out my brother-in-law will be good now, they found someone who was able to donate a kidney to him so he'll be okay now. A few of the other things have settled down, but not my dad's situation -sighs- I fear we will fear that this entire year...and I'm doing okay think
Shirashia Report | 06/07/2017 2:58 pm
_Yeah, slowly getting better. Thanks old friend._
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/06/2017 11:22 am
It helps a little that I can talk to you and a couple others about it all. Even if it's just virtual support from people who aren't here physically it still helps.-sighs- I just wish that everything would just settle down for longer than a week at a time... then maybe I might be able to have a good nights sleep as well... all of this is just wearing me down so much that it I continuously wake up groggy and tired.
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/05/2017 10:14 pm
The guy I spoke about....the one who said he'd supposedly changed and wanted to be friends again....this time I completely ended it....He hadn't changed and I couldn't trust him, so he started to push me into things I wasn't ready for, so I ended it for the final time. On top of that I found out my old man will probably lose his job, my cousin is about to lose her home, and so far this year has been hell for me....I accidentally cut myself a little deep and in the middle of the night one night....I'm not sure what happened but I assume I either hit myself in the face in my sleep or the cats were running through the house and slammed into my sleep -.- and I'm sometimes a heavy sleeper. -sighs-... Along side that, my mind keeps wandering and classes have started back up for my college course...and I found my brother-in-law might die, and one of my closest friends may have cancer'm worried to the brink, I can keep my thoughts in check, I feel stressed and can't get away from my parents....especially away from the women he calls herself my mother but sure as hell doesn't act like one, and then turns around and tells people that her kids are mistakes....-sighs- I just...I'm so tired of it all now. I'm tired of caring so much and in the end all it ever does is get me hurt.... and I'm tired of worrying if I'll have a home or if I belong anywhere....I honestly can't wait to graduate college so I can move to Nevada where my bf lives....
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 06/04/2017 10:28 pm
Sorry, I haven't talked in a while...A lot happened and things currently aren't going to well right now....
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 05/12/2017 10:47 pm
Yeah... I'm doing better, went to see a free concert being put on by the Charlie Daniel's Band. It cheered me up quite a bit, to hear a famous country artist sing. Neh, can I ask what happened to make your day awkward? O.o
Lelu Duzell Kitty Report | 05/12/2017 7:34 pm
It's real hard to think otherwise though... some thoughts are painful and others appealing and half the time the stuff my mind dredges up scares the hell out of me. I worked it out though... it helped that I wrote down what was going on in my head... almost like a diary or journal of my thoughts in a way. I even went the extra step and showed my BF what I had written, because I couldn't find the words to describe it verbally...


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