Death Knight Nicholas

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Birthday: 09/20



Name: Nicholas Corleone

Alias: Death Knight

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: 9/20/1930 A.D.
Physical Age: 18

Race: Human

Height: 6'7

Weight: 200

Powers and Abilities:
Invulnerability:The user is immune or highly resistant to all forms of conventional external physical damage, unable to feel physical pain, is immune to bleeding or loss of limb. Death due to old age (as opposed to preemptive death) is seemingly the only cause of death to the user.

Summoning:The user psychically transports the person, creature, or object of choice by means of static teleportation. This may also result from a previous summoning contract, which creates a connection between the summon and summoner.
Summoning a person results in them being extremely startled, but high level users psychically render people aware of the situation in which they were summoned.
High level users can summon forth powerful beings or "familiar spirits" and often require strong mystic connections to where these entities reside. Users can call upon fairies, angels, demons, or animal spirits, just to name a few. The summoning can backfire, however, leading to any number of misfortunes, such as the summoned person, creature, or item causing harm to the summoner.
User are able to animate corpses and dead beings, making them to move and react. They are usually under users control, but because the corpses are likely mindless they have to be carefully monitored. However, some users may be able to create sentient or semi-sentient undead.

Creation:The user is able to posses an unlimited supply of any essential. For example, the user could cause a canteen to never run out of water, or a notebook to never run out of paper. The user is able to create inanimate matter such as weapons and platforms from nothing.

Nicholas powers stem off entirely from the two artifacts that he wears. His black ring that he wears on his finger grants him his invulnerability as long as he wears it, and his pendant around his neck grants him all of his magical abilities and knowledge. Both items are also cursed, or perhaps blessed as one could see it, as they allow him to never age. However if both were to be removed, he would begin to rapidly age to how old he truly is, potentially killing him. Both items can only be removed by magical means, so that no ordinary person could just snatch them from him with ease.


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Queen Vampirate
Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake
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I'll be on like all day and night so don't worry, we'll get to some more good stuff smile Nighty night
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Will reply when I return from the store smile
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Well you need to be around here more often! Yes, let's start a new one. Drop me a PM with ideas
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Where've you been? emotion_donotwant We has to catch up and RP again!
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HEY emotion_hug
iThe Alchemyst Report | 11/13/2014 5:15 pm
iThe Alchemyst
kk ^^
sorry i fell asleep on you last night
iThe Alchemyst Report | 11/13/2014 12:19 am
iThe Alchemyst
" some things I remember from before, other things I dont- it comes and goes" she smiled as she watched him and waited for him, maria was slender and petite as ever- although she dressed more plainly- however she had many- some she had not worn for him yet. however she was curiouse by what nick had in mind...


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