Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.
Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same


Master-of-lf2 - Silicon Pirate
[.X.]Kimmeh[.X.] - 50,000
Dakilang petiks - Lots of items
Smiling Disillusions- 100k
xX-Sweets-Hyper-Xx- Super Level academy, Le Carousel


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My name is Vicky. I am dating the most amazing guy ever. Two years and still going. Of course our relationship isn't perfect. Sometimes he makes me feel really sad, and sometimes I cry because of him, but I know he loves me very much and we'll get through the worst of times. I know we can because it has been happening for the past two years. The good and the bad, we always make it through together. : ) Also, I love my baby sister Cindy. I don't know what I would do without her, she makes me smile so much. Especially when she speaks all fob like. : )

I joined Gaia back in 2007 but I stopped playing for a few years because I got really bored. I just returned recently at the start of fall 2012 because I saw my sister play and I thought "Hey, I should check it out again." I came back to see new games added, easier ways to get tickets, and they added alchemy, which I have no clue how to do.

I usually hang out in the exchange and zOMG. Sometimes chatterbox but it gets annoying too. I'm wanting to get some art but haven't had time to search the art shops section yet. If you happen to drop by my profile please leave a message with your link, or your friend's art shop link. ._.

Please don't comment me thanking me for buying from your shop. :c

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