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Your name is LENORE, and you sometimes go by the name MICAH. You are SEVENTEEN and incredibly bored with your ENTIRE LIFE.

You have the tendency to sound much more ANGSTY than you really are, as shown ABOVE.

You have a large variety of interests, many of which center around your FANDOMS, of which there are probably TOO MANY. You also enjoy several PASTIMES, including but not limited to READING, WRITING CRAP POETRY, DRAWING, and spending TOO MUCH TIME on the INTERNET. You like to MAKE REFERENCES in everyday conversation for your own AMUSEMENT, and you cultivate an interest in ELECTRONIC MUSIC, VIDEO GAMES, SCI FI, and ANIME, leading those who know you friends to consider you something of a “GEEK”. You are also fond of the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHILOSOPHICAL areas of study. None of these things really matter, though, as you actually spend much of your time doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

This bio-writing thing is not going very well. You are perfectly aware of how bad you are at doing this, and you think you should stop.

What will you do?

===> Give pointless stats

Also, pointless stats!
Hair Color: It changes on a variable-interval kinda basis. Pretty often.
Height: 5' ********' 3"!
Gender: Ill b anyting u wnat bby
Temperament: Typically quiet and seemingly depressed; loud, argumentative and sarcastic when provoked or befriended.
Sense of Humor: Tumblr / Actual wit, on occassion. Many puns. Much irony.
Star Sign: Pisces. Also Sagittarius rising.

Also, my Tumblr: ghostpajamas

[size=9]Well anyways.



Formerly known as De Los Muerte】[/align]



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