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WesternAngel Report | 01/07/2015 12:04 am
well if you need help I'm willing to listen smile just know that ok man?
WesternAngel Report | 01/06/2015 10:16 pm
you ok man..?
Logic Not Included Report | 12/29/2014 10:00 pm
I guess I should go?
Logic Not Included Report | 12/29/2014 9:53 pm
God's dead rip
Logic Not Included Report | 12/29/2014 9:46 pm
I'm going to keep pretending like my life has meaning until I eventually commit suicide

Love you dad <3
Logic Not Included Report | 12/29/2014 9:29 pm
I'm going to go watch some Caillou
Logic Not Included Report | 12/29/2014 9:07 pm
I-I love you dad...

//Self Medicates
Logic Not Included Report | 12/28/2014 11:30 pm
[******** you dad, we're not gay she's trapped in a mans body
RickPanda Report | 10/28/2014 6:25 pm
i bet i wouldnt wanna go throught that for another year
RickPanda Report | 10/28/2014 3:56 pm
well thats good i have a friends thats a super senor i guess doing adult school and afterwards college

What the ******** are clothes?


Who the ******** is this f**?

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Location: Washington State.

Birthday: 08/07

Occupation: Freelance Bassist.

Freelance Bassism [This is me playing]

What the ******** is a journal?

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Absolute s**t

Stupid s**t from a stupid ********.

What the ******** is a life story?

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W E L C O M E ____ H O M E

'Sup, bitches. I'm some dumbshit kid...well adult now...on a website. I go by Dead Theory apparently, but many of you may remember me by Social Redemption, Refamous, or even Kirby360 way back in the day. In full honesty, I often go on unannounced hiatus's and won't remember most of you if you change your name. Life happens, and that comes before the ******** internet. All the pictures on my profile are from Seattle. I'm from Washington, but not from Seattle. Seattle is a shitty place to live, and a moderately decent place to visit. It also isn't our ******** capital you shittards. I ******** hate kids who act like kids. Yes, that sounds as horrible as it actually is. If you're like 14 and act like your like 17 (which is almost no one on this damn site), I (kinda not really) respect you and you can be my friend (maybe). You can normally find me posting stupid nonsense s**t in CB or somewhere being an emo b***h in Towns. Not Towns 2. Towns 2 ******** sucks horse d**k.

Now here's some seriousness. Yes, I am an adult on a kids site. I've been here for almost 7 years now and I don't see myself fully quitting soon. I find it funny when people have online relationships on this site. I also act like a complete ******** idiot all the time. I do this because it entertains me and others when I act this way towards idiots. That being said, I appear to be this complete assholeish person, I'm not. I've had my fair share of horrible s**t in my life so I've just been able to deal with stuff better than most people. I'm currently in the process of starting a band called "The Electrical Sparks". Seattle music, man. For those who care about me more than this site, I do indeed have both a Facebook and Twitter account. You can follow me on Twitter. Facebook on the other hand is off limits to good portion of you. Fair notice I am on hiatus from those two sites currently. Have some personal s**t to deal with and they're just getting in the way. I also have an Xbox LIVE account with both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One. My gamertag is currently LtCol Refamous. PM me if you want to add me because I don't accept random requests. Ever. I'm also on Steam because PC Master Race. You can add me on [********] as long as you PM me before hand and let me know who the ******** you are. I don't own a Playstation as they get hacked way to often and have s**t controllers. I also have strong views about music groups and religion. I'm in no way, shape, or form religious but if you ask me, I will tell you Kurt Cobain is god. It's a Washington thing, you wouldn't understand.

A Bunch of Shitty Songs

Like the Angel

Screaming Bloody Murder


Seeing Double at the Triple Rock

Life Size Mirror