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Blacklight Virus

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Blacklight Virus

Hey you. Just wanted to check up on you and see how you're doing while I'm logged into this website for the first time since God knows when. I hope all is well.

Do you happen to have some other form of communication? Twitter, Skype, anything else? I'd like to stay in touch with you outside of Gaia.
The Retrofitter

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The Retrofitter

Sorry, was changing around my avi

I did, I did! I even got myself a plush Dalek.~


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Not yet. Still waiting for the results. The anticipation is killing me.
Yeah, I understand the expense. Though for me, I didn't have to pay for my license since I already had my permit for a couple of months.

Ha, that's great. It doesn't matter how well you play, as long as you have fun. And I can't blame your brother; AC is very addicting.

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I'm doing very good~

I've had a rather busy month; took my SATs and got my driver's license, now I'm just relaxing and celebrating the holidays (and playing Assassin's Creed). Overall, I'm having a good winter break.

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Hello, long time no talk~

How are you?
The Retrofitter

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The Retrofitter

Yes, I was especially happy to find out that the Wii plays Gamecube games, though I still have my Gamecube. I do have Advance games, so that kind of stinks for me. XD

I hope so, I really hope so. I'm sure they will come to Canada, otherwise they will risk alienating a good portion of LoZ fans. A bit off topic, but do you know of any good LinkxZelda fanfics that meet my...requirements? sweatdrop

Ooh, lucky!~ Well, there is Hastings, but last I checked they didn't have it.

It was so much fun!~ I saw a Green Lantern, Thor, Batman, Rorschach, several Doctors and a Dalek! Which I took a picture with! 4laugh There were also two Links, lots of Steampunk costumes, and a young Amy Pond and young 11th Doctor with with a fez. They were adorable, and I wanted to take a picture of them too, but they disappeared into the crowd.

And merchandise? Tons of it! I bought a Weeping Angel shirt and a Dalek poster that says, "To Victory!" I wanted a Sonic Screwdriver or a talking Dalek, but they didn't have either.
The Retrofitter

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The Retrofitter

Well, that's helpful; way easier than coding from scratch.

Better safe than sorry. 3nodding As far as I know, and Nintendo's site says, all DS and DSi games can be played on it, but I'm not too sure on GB Advance games. I think Advance games are only playable through download.

Yes, I know it will be awesome...and even better if Koji kondo himself is the conductor. I still can't believe that he came up with the LoZ theme song in a day.

I'm even more excited about this game now! *Stares at calendar, willing it to change* No, I haven't read it. I haven't bought any manga since Borders closed....

Guess what? I went to my first comic convention yesterday! So many cool costumes.~
The Retrofitter

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The Retrofitter

It is so annoying when that happens. The interface needs an update.

Yes, it takes a while for me to code from scratch as well. And an entire page can take hours. It truly makes me respect those who do so for their job.

Yeah, the Wii is rather cheap now compared to when it was first released. Really? I've never had a problem saving games...though I do still have my Gamecube too. OoT looks so amazing on the 3DS.~ I seriously couldn't believe how great it looks.

Video Games Live is so much fun, you will love it! When I went they played songs from LoZ, Lingdom Hearts, Myst, Castlevania, Mario, Halo and others. Next year the LoZ concert will be coming to North America, and I am totally going.

Oh. My. Goodness. That. Was. So. Cute. heart This better happen in the game because it would be wrong if they just teased us with it.

The Retrofitter

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The Retrofitter

Actually, I'm not surprised that you say that. Blogger has given me its fair share of headaches. XP From photos not uploading to many other things.

I shall wake a look at it. I'd probably stick with a theme....I've only started HTML this semester and my pages are...mediocre ^^'

Me too! ...Though I'll be in New Mexico when it does arrive, so I'll have to wait to get back before playing it. Yes, the console is just kind of important to actually play the game. Just slightly. XD I hope you do get the console soon. 3nodding I'm really looking forward to the soundtrack and upcoming Zelda concerts.~ I totally don't have a SS desktop at the moment...not at all.~

XD Indeed.~ I definitely saw a connection between the two in OoT--Wait, what?! Have you proof of that? I've only heard rumors of it...

Gracious, it's good to talk with you again Astro! I truly mean that.


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