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Roleplay Profile

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About the Girl

Name: Mimi
Nickname: None. How do you shorten Mimi?
Age: 17
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Bright Strawberry Blond
Skin: Peaches and Cream
Height: 5'7"

Likes: Gambling, winning, money, friends, and food.
Dislikes: Losing, being cheated, being alone, and the crippling poverty she was recently rescued from.

Personality: Quick talking, bubbly, witty, and quirky Mimi is able to make friends easily. Her seeming happiness and carefree attitude are infectious, her personality being sunny and radiant. Despite her positive traits, she has issues with greed, materialism, and being self centered - quick to ire if she thinks she has been insulted. Painfully aware of her status as an orphan and her near illiteracy, she uses her cheerful disposition and natural showmanship to dazzle those around her in hopes they never pry too deeply, rejecting her the same way she assumed her parents have. Her biggest fear is being alone.

Personal History: Mimi has no recollection of her life since before she was eleven, having been found with a nasty head wound by a small homeless family living out of an abandoned shack. The only identifier the girl had was the citrine pendant that hung about her neck, which wasn't much of an identifier at all. They treated her and brought her back to health, deciding to keep her as one of their own when hey realized a decided upswing in their quality of life since her arrival. Charming and sweet-face, little Mimi easily managed to get alms where other members of the family failed and often stumbled on to large sums of money - never enough at once for them to get a legitimate house but enough to keep them somewhat fed and keep their basic needs taken care of.

As she became older her affinity towards card games and dice rolling in particular reared it's head. Instead of going to school, Mimi would head out to gambling dens to earn further income for those who adopted her with the dreams of saving up enough to buy them a real home.

However, her fortune swung to extremes during that time in her life. Whenever she hit it big, she hit it huge but had difficulty stopping, often pushing her good luck past it's limits. Often she got in trouble with both law enforcement and those she owed money to. Most of the time her bubbly personality and innocent looks were enough to get her off of the hook.

Her discovery as a Senshi was during one of those moments where her luck had taken a decided and horrible turn for the worse, Mimi turning to cheat and ultimately being found at as one by a hired guard for Princess Ruby, whom was escorting the red woman around the cities that laid outside of Crystal Tokyo. Illegal as the situation was, the guard took chase of the blond girl. Panicked, terrified the fuzz intended to throw her in jail and pull her from the only family she ever known, a strange warmth filled the girl. Cornered in an alleyway, the pendant about her neck began to glow bright orange and a similar light shone from a wheel-like mark that appeared from her forehead.

Ruby, having followed, noticed the energy right away as belonging to a Gemstone Senshi. She called the guard off and approached the girl. Ruby not only explained her destiny - a destiny that many young girls dreamed about but very few would ever get the chance to embrace but offered her a place in her house as a ward. Mimi accepted.

She sends over half of her hefty allowance to the family that took her in, knowing they will save it up to finally have their own, fully furnished and properly heated home.

About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Citrine
Realm of Influence: Luck and Fate
Gem: Citrine
Symbol: Rota Fortunae

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Colors:Various shades of orange and yellow
Transformation: Bright and sparkly with a lot of naked spinning.
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Weapons: Fortune's Rod (changes into different items after being spun in the air)
Items: Dice, and cards (Both of which come from her rod) and Citrine Pendant.

Abilities: Luck and the ability to acutely sense negative energy
Fortuna Victrix- Sailor Citrine reaches behind her and unties her back ribbon. Light emits from the length of fabric and, as she brings the material to her face, it wraps around her eyes to blindfold her. Her staff spins in front of her, going so fast the rod looks similar to a glowing wagon wheel. Still blindfolded she grabs a hold of the staff to stop the rotations, all of the magical force driving into the head of the weapon. With a cry of 'Lady Luck be kind!' she reels her arm back and tosses the monstrously built up energy towards the fray. Since she can't see in which direction the attack is going she can't direct it so there is a 50 % chance she'll assist the enemy instead of her allies. Uses only if situations are dire.

Dazzling Citrine Kaboom! Sailor Citrine tosses her staff into the air which twirls and transforms into a handful of dice. Blowing into her palm causes bright orange light to stream from the dice, beams breaking through her fingers as she shakes the contents of her hand. With a cry of 'Dazzling Citrine Kaboom' she tosses the dice towards the enemy. 50% chance of a bright and loud display. 45% of the display being temporarily blinding and the 'kaboom' to have the effect of a small explosive. 5% chance of permanently damaging eyesight and the 'kaboom' having the effect of a large explosive.

Fifty-Two Pickup! This attack is primarily used as a distraction when Sailor Citrine is cornered and unable to get away. She tosses the staff into the air and, as it twirls, it turns into a deck of cards which land in her hand. Looking away and closing her eyes tightly, Citrine screams 'Fifty-Two Pickup' and flicks the playing cards in her foe's face. Every card that lays on the ground face up becomes a weak explosive that'll go off in three seconds if not retrieved from the ground.

Sailor History: Sailor Citrine's Sailor history is very short. Recently discovered by Ruby, the young woman has yet to see actual battle but has been acquainted with the other senshi.

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