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Registered: 04/25/2011

Gender: Female

Wish List

Thank you to the generous donators of wish list items!

Kyou Panda - Snow White Thigh High Boots
Midwinterain - Seafoam Gown
Anonymous - Ebony Sewell
Quinkie - Rainbow Jubilee (and LOTS of other wonderful items!)
Gamer_Phoenix - Epic Journey
InsideTheseTear - Scenic Quest


Since I AM the Tooth Fairy, I'm questing Buck Teeth.

1,445 / 2,000

Tooth Fairy or other Achievement help:Here
Bidding War Store: Here


Walking in a Day Dream...

Helping others get Achievements! smilies/icon_heart.gif

Day Dream Walker's Store

The listings in my Store are ONLY for the Bidding War achievement
PLEASE only bid 1 more than the highest current bid

If you have the Bidding War achievement available:
Bid one more gold on each of them (10 bids total), and you get Bidding War!
You do NOT have to be outbid on them in order to earn the achievement.
You only have to bid 10 times on the same item (A Token), NOT the same listing (one specific Token).

Bidding starts at 1 gold, with 1 gold bid increments.
Outrageously high bids on any item will be accepted.

If you do NOT have the Bidding War achievement available, PLEASE do NOT keep bidding.
If you have bid 10 times, and NOT gotten the achievement, please check your available achievements - either you already have Bidding War, or you have not completed the requirements to unlock it yet.
Here is an easy way to Check Your Achievements before bidding.

See my thread in the Achievement Forum for more details:
Need Toothfairy/Bidding War?
Thank you.


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