("I am not a human being.
This is just a dream,
and soon I will awake.
It was too cold and the
blood kept coagulating
all the time.")
A dark time,
infinite sadness,
I want to find



Ignorance is bliss
happiness is ambition
desolation is knowledge
pain is acceptance
despair is anger
denial is helpless
martyrism is hope for others
advantages taken are causes of martyrism
revenge is sorrow
death is a reprieve
life is a punishment
others' achievements are tormentations
people are alike
i am different

me is a god, a god of sadness
exiled to this eternal hell
the people i helped, abandon me
i am denied what i want,
to love & to be happy
being made a human
without the possibility of BEING human
the cruellest of all punishments
to some i am crazy
it is so clear, yet so foggy
everything's connected, seperated
I am the only interpreter of this
Id rather have nothing than be nothing
some say godliness isn't nothing
humanity is the something i long for
I just want something I can never have.
The story of my existence

No emotions. not caring.
yet another stage in this
s**t life. suicide.