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Valenas Report | 12/09/2016 7:32 pm
TehChich Report | 12/06/2016 3:50 pm
Kevinblacksheep Report | 12/04/2016 12:26 am
I'm a photographer... thought it would also be a good portrait
eventually I'll redo it
Kevinblacksheep Report | 12/04/2016 12:15 am
I spent like $80 dollars lol but I didn't use half the stuff.
I was supposed to do another beard out of glitter and scrap book flowers but
thought it would have been gay and dumb ..
also ran out of time with school and work
Kevinblacksheep Report | 12/03/2016 11:30 pm
I wasted money and time... I just wish I hadn't entered emo
Now I can't even delete my post.
Kevinblacksheep Report | 12/03/2016 11:23 pm
I heard from whispers on the streets...
you were too pretty to win... they wanted uglies and low lives as the winners emo
Kevinblacksheep Report | 12/03/2016 11:12 pm
I know why you didn't win emo
Seduces Report | 12/03/2016 7:19 pm
You are welcome!! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Toxibus Report | 12/03/2016 6:35 pm
Don't mind me, just spreading some beard love! Definitely thought you should have been a Novembeard winner!
TehChich Report | 12/02/2016 2:59 pm
-burns donuts onto your profile- cool


Welcome to my profile!
I am a Forum Assistant here on Gaia, this means that I help move misplaced threads. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
If you need help with threads being moved from any of these places, you may Private Message me:
*Test Forum
*Project Custom
*Life Discussion
*Real Life Fashion & Style
*Hobbies & Crafts
*Flash Worlds

A little bit about me:

      I'm Dave. I'm 28, live in Northern California.
      This is my original account, I joined on August 7th, 2004.
      I'm Gay. (Bear & Leather Culture)
      I'm in a Long Distance Relationship with Captain S McBobble for four years now!
      I really love Coffee. Or caffeine in general.
      I have RBF. "Resting b***h Face". This makes me look angry, or mean.
      Really I'm a big goofball. I love to laugh and joke.
      I'm a geeky kind of guy. Not a Gamer though.
      More Book/Film/TV sort of geeky. Though I'm super picky with what I nerd out on.
      Music is what keeps me going. I can find something I love in almost any genre of music.

If you want to get to know me better, strike up a conversation with me!

This is my quest thread, I am generally here chatting away. You're welcome to come poke around.
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This is a hangout thread I help out in. Lots of good people in here.
We've known each other for a little over 5 years now.


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