me i guess

hi my name's kim taehyung i'm weird but since you're here you're probably weird too. exo and bts are my religion, specifically baekyeol and kaisoo. sm is kind of the illuminati. if you wanna be in my squad, you gotta recite all the words to "i need u" while dancing to call me baby. my favorite things in life include 2ne1, amber's legs, and suho's hip thrusts. if your eyebrows aren't like kris', what are you doing with life. i like dogs and also your face : )

i hate emojis except for the bunny and puppy and hearts/stars/clouds/moons whatever. i'm probably moving to the galaxy sometime soon, so if you wanna come, hmu.

i can read korean but i have no idea what the hell half the words mean. also, i tell people i don't take selfies when in reality i only take pictures of myself with kpop merch on. cho is my best friend and my waifu for laifu. i'm currently in a serious relationship with all of exo, rap monster, and amber liu. thats daebak. ❀