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I am a 21 y/o awkward penguin

I Love Avi Art


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dragon_princess_ruler Report | 05/19/2015 1:08 pm
thank u for buying btw lovely avvi heart
FemmeValentine Report | 04/16/2015 1:33 pm
I'm glad you liked it!! <3 Hope you have a good day!
FemmeValentine Report | 04/16/2015 12:17 am
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FemmeValentine Report | 03/23/2015 11:49 pm
No I don't mind. One of them is about two brothers growing up in a broken home, but their abusive father disappears about 3 years before the start of the rp, and it sort of describes the positive s**t happening in their lives as they grow into adults, but after the oldest graduates(and have a few of his own personal problems as they both do) their father returns pretty much destroy or holding back the progressive that the boys and their mother had begun making in their lives. So the main plot is how these two overcome the conflict and fear that returns to their lives, and hopefully they can.
The second is about a kidnapper who hates 'the rich, uptight. snobs' of society and sort of plays a hypocritical version of Robin Hood in a modern society. He has deep set psychological issues. He ends up kidnapping this girl from her very rich, notable parents, but also very absent throughout her life, and uses her to take all he can. It's not the first kidnapping he's done, but this girl is different of course, and eventually they form a loose, but growing relationship, and she helps him get as much money as they can from her parents, but in desire to have the money, he ends up returning her to her family against her will. She eventually sneaks out and finds her way back to his hideout where she insists on being with him, but little do either of them know that an undercover agent of the FBI (who have been investigating and doing their best to find and bring the kidnapper in) has infiltrated his hideout and moved up the ranks. A bust ensues, but the kidnapper blames the girl because he thinks that she led the cops to him, and turned him in, when she really just wants to be with him. So, you know, dramaaa x)
There is a third one, but I'm the only one posting for it because my partner bailed so I remade it. It's about two brothers surviving the post apocalypse in the South. Their parents die, so they go in search of a new, better, and hopefully safer home. It's epic. I really love this rp, because I have so many ideas for it, so I couldn't let it die. e.e Don't get me wrong though, I love bouncing ideas of someone, but there's not really anyone interested in rping it with me. Not that I'm actively searching or anything.

Video games makes the world go round. So does tv. xd
FemmeValentine Report | 03/22/2015 12:37 pm
Just 2 right now. x) But I'm brainblocked on one. I'll have to spit something out here soon, but I keep procrastinating. Not a good habit to fall into really.
I hope you have a good time hanging out. 3nodding
FemmeValentine Report | 03/22/2015 12:12 pm
That good =)
I'm doing pretty good myself. Need to catch up on rps yet again though. e.e
Up to anything today?
FemmeValentine Report | 03/20/2015 6:48 pm
Hello! =) How are you doing?
Kryinx Report | 03/11/2015 2:35 pm
Ah, btw...if Frysenco randomly comes up and talks to you...that's my alt account. I don't know how often I'll be using that account, but this is just a heads up.
Kryinx Report | 03/11/2015 2:29 pm
Well, sorta anyway.
While I'm at it...let me reply to your comment from a month ago. OAO''' (Can't believe it's been a month)

Let's see....I don't know where to start. My dad and I recently opened up a business and it's pretty hard right now. But, we're slowly making progress.
Lately, my mom hasn't been able to swallow things as well. She's also lost a considerable amount of weight. (Right now I weigh more than her. She used to weigh more than me.)
So, the family has been sort of stressing out. But, we're trying our best to help her eat. However, in recent months, she wants to walk around and talks to us more often.

I think it was in Junior High. I didn't know about Gaiaonline until Junior High I think. ...Woah, it's really been a decade. Time flies by so quickly. OAO;;;
I didn't really realize time just zooms by until like college. Uu, I can't wait until I'm busy like you too. I am the same, I really am very grateful to have met you and to have our bonds of friendship for 10 years.
...This is making me want to get a car and meet up with you. Ha ha. When that day comes, I'll give you a text and we'll meet up somewhere, ya? Btw...can you PM me your Phone number? I think it's been a while since I've updated your contact information.

Cooking! That's great to challenge yourself to do better. I attempted to do that with my recent commissions. My dad and I have been racking our brains to figure out what foods to feed my mom. Maybe when I finally can go freely in and out of the house, I'll look forward to eating some of your dishes?
Oo, hopefully the bad haircut will grow out to become beautiful again. Speaking of hair, I think my hair is trying to kill me. -A-;;; Oh and my mom looks like a mini Howl with out bangs right now.

Tektek is having a rough time these days. I haven't gone much on Tektek except to maybe generate images for my flightrising dragons. You know, I haven't noticed that they took down the website skins. I wonder when they did that? Huh.

Heck ya I will be. There's lots of world to see and things to do. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, don't let the world bring you down! Keep rocking at what you are best at doing~
Kryinx Report | 03/11/2015 1:23 pm
Lol, I just saw your avatar as I changed mine. It matches~ OWO