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About me.

Wahts up betches.

Names Gena.

Im an average European female.



I speak many languages.

Your typical college student

Coffee and Minecraft addict.

Die hard Nintendo fangirl.

I heart my 3DS.

3DS F.C : 0920-2709-4811

My pro always changes cuz I get bored easily.

Im an awkward piece of s**t who gets distracted by shiny things

and is easily bribed with food.

I laugh a lot and hang around ppl who can make me laugh.

Sarcastic always.

K bye scrubs.

Im secretly shy.

Shuddup ngrs.

#GG get reckt airhorn.

Click4Fce & Art
[X] [X]

Stupid names I wasted gold on.
Dont Rustle My Jimmies
Give Me Your Pixels
O c t 0 P u s s y
50 Shades Of Rape
C U M F 3 T T I
Sexual Vibes

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