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Real name: Mr. J
Real age: 27
Status: Single
Zodiac: Capricorn
Location: California
Profession: Starving Artist

Hi. I'm Jay. I like wearing gas masks, listening to Industrial music, wearing stompy boots, plotting world domination, and making kids cry on World of Warcraft because they think Alliance is cool. I have been prophesized to bring balance to the Force, destruction of the Borg, and world peace, but my ambition for power will send me down the path to the Dark Side and I will be responsible for the destruction of modern civilization and 90% of the human population. The survivors will be forced to live in nuclear wastelands and deserts, fighting for survival as unstoppable killing machines hunt them down during the day, partying and burning giant effigies at night.

I do avatar art by request. I charge a steep fee or trade for any of the items on my Wish List. If you want any done, send me a PM and we'll negotiate.


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Memoirs of the Dragon

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Laugh Now Die Later

Report | 08/16/2013 8:39 pm

Laugh Now Die Later

New contests for free art in my shop! Check my shop! Contests open during revamp!

Report | 09/22/2012 1:25 pm


Thank you very much. .it was me pleasure to meet you needs
Opus Eponymous

Report | 09/08/2012 8:05 pm

Opus Eponymous

Thank you for buying!

Hope you're satisfied with your purchase!

Ortei the Illustrious

Report | 07/20/2012 5:28 pm

Ortei the Illustrious

Darshendros the Eternal

Darsh, can you show up here at the Red Swan and demand offerings from Ortei?

It's really the old Ortei who owes you offerings. The old Ortei is dead, and the organism known as Eve found Ortei's body and cloned her from the skeleton and remains. But, a debt is a debt. Ortei still owes Darshendros. Even if she's not even the same person. xD
Flightless Butterfly

Report | 12/06/2011 7:05 pm

Flightless Butterfly

I've been seizing up territories like a fiend. You check into your base lately? Hope you're alright, and you have a great Christmas.

Report | 09/06/2011 8:58 am


At least you haven't on Facebook yet. I'll play the games ya sent tho....rarely.

Report | 09/05/2011 12:56 pm


Darsh... Why are you sending me game invites on here dude? xp
Rockin KoRn Flakes

Report | 08/10/2011 10:56 am

Rockin KoRn Flakes

Thanks for the Shadow Spirit man! Great Avi btw
Laugh Now Die Later

Report | 10/10/2010 12:57 am

Laugh Now Die Later

Laugh Now Die Later

Report | 09/25/2010 5:40 pm

Laugh Now Die Later

Mr. J? O.o


The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth.

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