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Report | 02/12/2015 9:01 pm


Download on a console. But It's just background noise.
I'm sorry you're bored. Catch me up, how are things?
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Report | 02/12/2015 8:26 pm


Nothing. Watching Netflix & browsing around Gaia.
Had a crazy morning so I;m trying to stay on the DL.

How are you?
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Report | 02/12/2015 8:19 pm


Kraven Kravn mo Maven fee fy fo Faven.

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Report | 02/10/2015 10:05 pm


I stopped watching it after he became king. Its...ugghhhh why would you kill off the main characters in the first few episodes. Idgi.
Things are meh. Finding a new job, school starts tomorrow, and I gotdumped a while ago. Always fun! I've been with my aunt a lot & partying with my mom's side of the family. They are hilarious!

How are you?Hopefully not overworking yourself?
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Report | 02/10/2015 9:54 pm


Your signature is not okay!!
gonk That show makes me so mad.
Also...I didn't kbow you post in FC!
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Report | 11/14/2014 8:01 pm


I miss you. crying
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Report | 11/04/2014 8:19 pm

Shark Weeak

You're welcome! And, it's the floating skull XD

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Report | 11/04/2014 3:52 pm

Shark Weeak

Sweet avi and profile. Love the music. heart

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Report | 10/18/2014 2:22 pm

Queen Vampirate

Awesome avatar and username!!! mrgreen heart
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Report | 10/14/2014 2:24 am


Hi, I really like your avatar. I've seen it around the AT a couple of times since I started becoming active again. Could you possibly tell me the item you're using for your tail?
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Report | 10/12/2014 3:16 pm

lannibal hecter

I couldn't either.

I was yelling to myself, ''Why the f*** did Gaia create a item that can't be combined with ANYTHING!?''.

Then I was pulling my self longer with patience and figured it out.

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Report | 10/12/2014 2:53 pm

lannibal hecter

I like your avatar too.

Yay for unique avis!
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Report | 09/29/2014 2:58 pm

Princess of Cakes

Thank you for the purchase. smile
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Report | 09/26/2014 10:13 pm


i will, I promise.
We err ones going into towns and I got me "Kraven" hand out and ready to touch some booty.
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Report | 09/26/2014 10:10 pm


Ewwwww bit blehhh is no fun.
It's good. It just hurts, the coloring is going away and its no longer swollen. Few days. I'll be good. emotion_yatta
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Report | 09/26/2014 10:07 pm


Noononono ;n;
I'm just kidding. -hugs-

So how are youu? Anything fun today?
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Report | 09/26/2014 9:49 pm


wanted senpai to
b***h n***a needs to talk to me yo.
say hi too me. =w=
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Report | 09/26/2014 9:32 pm


Kraven Kraven mo maven...fee fy fo faven, its my favoriteeeee Kraveeen.
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Report | 09/24/2014 8:46 pm


Aww, bummer! I'm really diggin this avi you have now haha.
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Report | 09/24/2014 8:42 pm


The kitty one? Neko Kohai
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