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Questing: Motivation to study
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Likes to procrastinate.
Should be more concerned about responsibilities.
But prefers not to.

-Drowning in sorrow over sad fics
-Wasting time
-Junk food
-math recess
-idk what im doing with my life

Officially attuned as of 3-14-14. (big thanks to Ben) R.IP. zOMG! smilies/icon_sad.gif


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kjux Report | 01/15/2017 6:31 pm
yeah it's easier to eat, but some people like to eat root(?) part o: but i don't like all of them! xD especially broccoli emotion_puke
hahah then will you still do it next time even you get sick after it? emotion_awesome lesson learnt??
yeah that's true, online chatting can always 'seen' and leave it there but in person noooo
i know it would be useless but it's just sometimes i want to know what item he/she is wearing then i pm'ed that person but i didn't get an answer. or i ask in thread noone knows either.
i think galexa is cute lol, were those npc controlled by real person? o:
you got the point haha, and also when you're on queue! i feel like those workers are sloth! emotion_donotwant
kjux Report | 01/13/2017 5:50 pm
ah then i think the most common want that i eat is 炒的, but i don't really care whether it's 炒/boil cuz i only accept the leaf part? o: ew no thanks ahaha don't ruin my ice cream!!
fan is better but i still love air con xD yeah better that you don't do it just in case you get sick, if they don't which means they are strong lol idk. true and you feel much better if you 吹冷气 while you're sweating
the conversation be like 'oh it has been a while' 'yeah' 'so how do you do' 'good, you?' 'good too'. conversation end lol. emotion_facepalm
i haven't either, but i'd like hope that the fav button allows us to see what item they are equipping, that'd help cuz most of them locked their equip list. i can't believe i missed the latest ats! o: i saw it now
but even when you're on vacation, time passes fast too crying
kjux Report | 01/12/2017 10:43 pm
there's fried veg?? emotion_puke as long as i can't see the veg i can eat it emotion_awesome
ahhh my classmates do that too! but by the fans~~also if you're sweating you can't straightly 吹冷气?? o:
sometimes it's so hard to find something to talk to, but i will try, thanks =w=d, only have this problems when im facing people i haven't talk for like months++
hmm i can see that, and the new favourite button! galexa?? i didn't even who's that emotion_facepalm
especially when you have assignments/homework! time passes x100 fast, why emotion_zombie
kjux Report | 01/11/2017 6:40 pm
but they already know emotion_puke
but it's better than nothing! especially after sport class, it's hella hot. it's good that your school upgraded! emotion_awesome lol you mean change the position of lie down xD?!
that's a smart way of spending your time aha! sleep is precious~ yeah, but of course not all of them... you know? when both of you haven't chat for a long time.. then you guys meet each other, um kind of awkward?? like you have no idea what to talk to?
hahah! i see what you did there emotion_awesome so is there any new about zomg, mrs reporter? we can just ignore them
yeah, and i can't believe time passes fast o:
kjux Report | 01/10/2017 5:59 pm
but to parents this is a bad way of improvement haha!
oh so now your school has aircon? like in your classroom? my high school does have aircon but only for teachers! classified_fu hha i feel your sis! lol won't your back pain if you stay in hot tub all day xD
you will have! time~ i know right? but my friends went to other countries for studies so can't help but using video chat
i see lanzer as lanzer............not until he makes zomg back. ah i saw this, i wonder why there so many new mods o:
emotion_drool can't wait!
kjux Report | 01/09/2017 6:26 pm
urm i thought this is a kind of downgrading emotion_awesome ...
oh i never wear jacket to school before. but college yes. aircon everywhere!! Philippines is same as mine right? only sunny and rainy?? haha you can take hot tub instead!!
aw sad, watch it on your next holiday then! as long as you still can msg your friends i guess that's fine! because you guys meet everyday? xD so video chat is not necessary. /another broke people
haha we see lanzer as lanzer and you see lanzer as hope emotion_kirakira looking forward for the news, reporter dark! emotion_awesome
we don't emo but since new year is coming soon....so there'd be more snacks.... emotion_awesome waiting for us
i don't mind haha!
kjux Report | 01/08/2017 10:42 pm
yeah, but weird is i can eat veg when i was kid but then.... emotion_puke
which means you're scare of cold? o: never been to china before but i thought china's hot unless winter. i bet so, because it's a new from years ago so i hardly remember the detail! you can try when you visit somewhere during winter emotion_donotwant
aww no english sub?? download american's movies! yeah, i can but it's not that smooth, it's laggy, you can't video chat? o: i believe most of the people use gc emotion_puke ahh that's good to hear but haha keep stalking because i rarely check gaia's forum now. i will wait for your update instead emotion_awesome
no no~ it's because we always go out eat, so we don't buy snacks after that?
haha teacher's always be like emotion_awesome while assign homeworks/ because they used to be students too xD
i heard a quote from radio today: "best friend stab you in the front" < so true
kjux Report | 01/07/2017 7:59 pm
i didn't train since i was young, it's too late gonk and to behonest, if i feel like vomit if i eat veg (like didn't mix with rice or something)
5 layer?? classified_fu you must be a pro! i remember reading a new saying a person wear X (i forget the actual number) of layer because his luggage's full so he has to wear the jacket/clothes, then he 热屎 o: you know you can't stay in bed forever emotion_awesome
ikr! i was like give up and watch downloaded videos! also when im video chatting with my friends, my comp can't load a page lol. thank you wifi. nah now rich gaians be like trillion is our billion lol. yeah! hoping he can solve it tho!
yeah and i miss that moment, in college, rarely!
ahh good luck!! when in college, first day: announcing assignments classified_fu
because at that time i was video chatting with friends so i don't feel tired! i guess it depends on what you're doing! o:

kjux Report | 01/06/2017 12:56 am
well at least you can accept the taste of veg emo
hahah just wear as many as you can huh! if it's too much you might have trouble while walking
doesn't matter if that account has friend or not, since it's just a mule xD. ahhh wifi here suck too! like i have to click pause when i want to watch youtube even in 240/360p, i bet the wifi stop when we used dial up?? hopefully lanzer will... but he's trying to fix the inflation first!
haha i believe most of us did this right? emotion_awesome grab some and say thank you, everything'll be fine hah
test? does that count mark?? or it does? classified_fu woah teacher what a nice greeting
no i won't feel tired anymore if i stay up late for too long (only if i chat with someone; if i stay up late for assignment i feel tired classified_fu )
kjux Report | 01/05/2017 12:24 am
i don't wanna emo
ahh yes it's a dream! but people been complaining, imagine the weather is around 0 C!! emotion_puke
aww rip our hardwork (account) hah! how come internet stop working!!! but now we got no zomg!
i love free food too! it's not like they bought it for me, but they bought it and i grab some emotion_awesome ahh i see! you mean they fail their grade before??
sad that your holiday's over! but good luck with the new class! you have to remember what teacher teach! xD just try your best haha
that's still late, once i hit 2am.. i don't feel like sleeping anymore orz