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-Drowning in sorrow over sad fics
-Junk food
-math recess
-idk what im doing with my life zOMG!

Officially attuned as of 3-14-14. (big thanks to Ben)
Finally completed Bloodlust 6-18-17. Big thanks to Jollie~!


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kjux Report | 06/16/2017 6:16 am
use your sister's method? list all courses and start delete the one with least fav? if you got nothing to do, why not watch anime emotion_awesome not focus on school....she's a pro emotion_puke 'but i don't wanna go yet' emotion_awesome in high school yes but you can't cheat in uni! :c 2-3 class per day, or 1 class, the timetable is random! O: 好痛苦,看不懂作业 emo admire her hair xD yup it's a lot better but i wanna whisper too!
my name got a X too. how? emotion_awesome
we got worst luck and timing, great. "good! emotion_yatta " (lol no you can't be haha, plus i cleaned my friendlist yesterday, i finally make it!!!!)
don't feel lol. because those caches are for alchemy and i never do alchemy so i just trash them. alright, take your time! show me the item list when you're done emotion_kirakira
yes my kouhai. emotion_awesome
kjux Report | 06/16/2017 5:13 am
but you got no time! emotion_facepalm lol why do you watch if you don't really like it? ikr, and since we're lazy we can just read from online xD. you can ask your friend, like how she's so free emotion_zombie 'yes, i'm glad you got the point' emotion_awesome it sometimes motivate you to do because you need to pass. o: in my uni, it's 3 hrs per class (lecture+tutorial class). 开始问自己,什么是出去游玩 emo grey but not white hair yet lol! really? that's weird. in my case, probably school's wifi is blocking idk. o:
omg. X! X! XXXXXX!!! rofl
haha good luck to you and me xD "as long as u dont run away when i g on you" emotion_awesome (ofc you are, my old friend) xD
i trashed all my caches lol! what kind of suggestion? have you tried building one on avatar builder yet? O: aww. that's ok, you'll soon own it!
because dumpster makes you look too obvious emotion_awesome i need to hide you
kjux Report | 06/16/2017 1:41 am
you will find your interest someday emotion_facepalm yes lol, i know them but i dont watch them. you watch it? true if you want accurate one you can just watch from tv or newspaper. like i said, your friend is god! i hardly have time in uni. 'doing something else but that doesn't mean i don't help the crew' emotion_awesome i won't forgot the lesson if u dont force me to do assignment talk2hand ah i see, in uni the time is not fixed. 哈哈哈在家里努力睡多点,让自己更年轻点. impossible, i feel like im the only one that can't receive whisper gonk
but you know i'm lazy too. emotion_awesome
no worries, you got me, i think i play a lot. but i won't be, starting from next week emotion_facepalm "STOP RIGHT THERE DARK, OR I WILL G ON YOU classified_fu " (like i said only 2 person still rmb my old username haha, 1 is you and another one is on hiatus soo)
LOL don't, open rig will make your invo go really cluttered! i can help you with the avi emotion_kirakira

lol your dumpster avi is good xD
pa_her94 Report | 06/15/2017 6:54 pm
You dun use it for zomg anymore then? o:
Isn't nightcore basically the original song but sped up? lol Shhhhhh they won't even know what the song is if you don't tell them, so it's all good xD
Sometimes but I tend to bring it when I forget that people dun like it in gr xD Just because it doesn't give much damage... It still gives damage and that's all that matters lol Ikr~
kjux Report | 06/15/2017 6:10 am
true, but first you need to pick a course first o: lol really? what kind of malaysian show?? yeah because i get news update online, power of internet emotion_awesome your friend's god emotion_awesome yeah never lie to me, -pats pats- 'i don't think so, leech is you don't anything however multitask you do help the crew' yes, why assignment/homework!! 40 hrs a week sounds a lot, well tbh i never count so idk. 所谓的活到老学到老吗, yeah of course, i'd be like why dont u guys just whisper each other rather than shouting? o:
why run away classified_fu
oh well at least you got good friends, those normal friend can just be your zomg buddy o: ! and i'll be like 'stop, dark, STOP. xDDDD'
i wanna make a seabreeze avi next o:

haha rip but i don't really care tho, because i hardly receive whisper. emotion_hug because you make good avi
kjux Report | 06/15/2017 5:29 am
lol but 迟早都要工作的. ah i see, i don't have those channels so i gave up on tv. yeah sometimes i just wish i could play game forever. xD haha no lying, dark. emotion_awesome 'l-like what?' not reduce but eliminate please. i dont wanna see them anymore talk2hand is that so? then everyone! go buy baby shampoo!! classified_fu school will be like "class starting soon" emotion_awesome becuz everyone can see lol.
i will always g on you, my kouhai emotion_awesome
you got the point too, so different friend different conversation then o: ? yes please, and people will be like 'who are you calling' xD

ikr emotion_awesome we should make more matching avi.
someone actually whisper me say that my avi is scary xD
kjux Report | 06/15/2017 3:19 am
it's all your choice, dark o: uni or work? there might still have some good shows it's just we didn't know xD!! but i agree we got no time to watch anyway. but you always forget where u watch tho @anime xD 'hi stranger' emotion_awesome yeah, when you feel stress = white hair = looks older = blame school emotion_awesome oh really? maybe the shampoo fit her o: school'll never notice us! haha i don't feel like using shout unless someone shout at me first xD
classified_fu kouhai, why are you hiding
not really? you can ask anyone that question as long as you guys are friend O: ? yup, it does make you feel rude xD oh! true 'kir'. i have no idea too haha, if only you take off the 'k' then u can pronounce my name.

headless twin lol
kjux Report | 06/14/2017 4:05 am
ugh i keep forget to post the screenie
User Image
kjux Report | 06/14/2017 4:04 am
yeah but we still need school o; probably not, because i don't watch tv, yeah people might find me weird if i say this. xD oh, you mean we need anime in our life? go zomg or rally, there's more strangers emotion_awesome yeah, one of my friend is because genetics. while others probably stress. really 60 with black hair? you sure she never dye her hair? D: we need a break @school. same here, except when im looking for crew emotion_puke
does that mean you're calling me without a reason emotion_awesome emo
i know! that's why i hate when people ask me how're you. stare it's like i need to think of something so the conversation can go longer lmao. because old user is longer? o: you mean procrastinate huh emotion_awesome
kjux Report | 06/14/2017 1:07 am
if we got that skill, we don't even need school xD when your sister's younger.... then it's been years! o: but anime is 不科学lol thats why it rarely happens irl. which mean any stranger would do emotion_awesome lol i saw some people grow a lot of white hair im shocked! like we're still students crying oh you're not alone, my winter sem starts next monday too.. i know, thats why i hate the spam!!! i always go to other screen (yes let's try it tomorrow if we get to meet o3o)
you got me emotion_awesome but shouldn't kouhai 100% 对senpai忠诚吗!!!
lol but normally that conversation doesn't work, because people will reply 'im fine, hbu?' 'fine too.' AND CONVERSATION ENDED. maybe just because my old username lol, and i still can't believe we met on forum instead of zomg xD