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Wish to talk with me outside of Gaia?

Feel free to ask me about it if you are interested in it.


. I am just your run of the mill 25 year old guy. Not too interesting in my opinion.

. I suppose to start it off I'll say that I love to role play, anyone interested in that sort of thing and is looking for someone to role play with, let me know and I'll be more then happy to role play with you, I enjoy seeing the creativity people can come up with, I'm looking to expand my own creativity, so who knows, we might teach each other something in the process ^^;

. I enjoy debating to a point. I say to a point cause sometimes things get out of hand and people tend to take it too seriously.

.I have many personalities. I'm serious, random and most of all weird. If you can't handle that, let this be your warning cause you will find out for yourself if you talk to me ^^.

. I am very much into the paranormal and am looking to expand my knowledge, and friends through it's experiences. If you are interested in this as well, or have knowledge you wish to share or stories, please feel free to contact me.

. Well I think that just about does it for now, if this hasn't answered any questions you might have concerning who I am come and ask me and we can talk more. Until then, Farewell my profile stalkers ;D.

. Oh and if you get the chance please click the link o;

Click please smilies/icon_smile.gif

Updated picture(maybe more to come)

Sister and I <3

The Dark Trio

Fear the stare D<

Birdies :3.


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SalemTiger Report | 09/08/2016 11:56 am
Thanks for the comment. Awesome theme on your page!
Who Wants To Touch Me Report | 09/03/2016 7:38 pm
Who Wants To Touch Me
Grey Crown Report | 09/02/2016 11:57 am
Grey Crown
Thank you so much for the item! Have a great day~
Kikaimato Report | 08/31/2016 2:07 pm
Have to say, that is one cool avatar
Ilia-bb Report | 08/23/2016 10:16 am
Oh my! redface That's really nice of You! Thank You so much Dear!! emotion_bigheart
Mizz Hyde Report | 08/23/2016 6:23 am
Mizz Hyde
Its all good, I am always patient~

Nah, I think if you went with us, you would of had a tan right away.
I was already graham-cracker tan, then I went a step darker to my natural Latina color in a matter of minutes.

Oh and did I read right that you are into paranormal activities?
Mizz Hyde Report | 08/21/2016 8:30 am
Mizz Hyde
Man I wish you could have been there with us!
The beach was amazing, even with the intense heat.
You honestly would have loved it. OMG.
jaynelulu Report | 08/19/2016 1:58 pm
Greetings. Thank you very much for the gift, it was very generous of you.
TALLICA scream Thanks you!!
Mizz Hyde Report | 08/19/2016 1:17 pm
Mizz Hyde
So far they are.
I stayed single for over a year, nearly two before my current kept talking with me and asked me out for a date.
He was adorable about it too.... Especially given the fact that my manager had to give him my phone number for me.
I was so ******** shy around him >////<
What I didn't know until after everything happened is that he went out on a few dates with my manager to the bar and played pool with her too.
That didn't help my insecurities at all but now.....
Ugh. I can't help but to love this man.

He has 5 of his own, 3 we always see. He has adopted my daughter into his family and she absolutely admires him and loves him in return.

********. There I go spilling my semi whole life story
I'm sorry!
Mizz Hyde Report | 08/19/2016 11:44 am
Mizz Hyde
Well it doesn't have much on it, but it will be able to buy her the ice-cream, that is for sure.

My little monster is 4 years old. Going on 5 in November.

Needless to say some s**t went down between her donor and I, to where both my and my little rose moved away and stayed away until recently.
Just got a parenting plan done sometime in July. Took over 2 ******** years but its finally solid.


Like ghosts and other creatures of the night? So do lots of other people :3. Come share your experiences with the paranormal, or just drop by to read about others. I hope you find yourself interested ^^.

Paranormal Experiences

Beautifully done, Cyleki.
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Also check out my journal for my ghost stories :3.


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By Marachu:
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