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Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/22/2014 8:39 am
Vampiress Vittoria
The Lady had almost all but given up... assured she was about to die, and then something miraculous happened, the creature... the man... seemed to back down... or she assumed... his hand suddenly grasping her face... inspecting her jaw... her mouth... she was unsure what to make of all of it... but in a moment when he spied her elongated teeth he let her go... dropping a step back she'd study him sternly, brows knit together softly as thoughts passed through her mind, "....not mine...sorry" he would say... moving across the room further from her, and despite the dangers that had just occured, the lady was only more curious. And after a moment of silence, he would have introduced himself, "im...zazoe...cant speak very well" she'd shake her head, "--Zazoe..." she uttered, as if saying the name to herself to remember, "--A pleasure to meet you... I'm Vittoria... but you can just call me Vi if you like. No need to apologize... for anything, I'm sorry I don't speak your language...a-and I'm sorry if I startled you... I thought you were someone else..." pausing after a moment... assured she probably already lost him with words, she'd draw in an intake of breath even though she didn't need it. Moving from her corner she took a seat, planting herself atop an old sarcophagus, ankles crossed legs dangling, "--Did humans harm you in the past?" she curiously asked... voice sympathetic...
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/20/2014 10:32 am
Vampiress Vittoria
But what she saw then hadn't been what she was expecting at all 'Great thinking Vi, always wanting to make friends with everything... even the deadly scorpion' with no hint at sarcasm to the being, just a nod to the story she once recalled as a child in Florence, of the fox and scorpion... foolishly Fox let scorpion ride on his back across the river so scorpion wouldn't drown, even with Scorpions promise not to sting him, when they reached the opposite shore the creature stung the fox and while fox lay dying he asked 'why sting me? I did as you asked' and scorpion replied, 'because it is in my nature' 'Yeah, in your nature like a hole in the head Vittoria... this thing is pissed' watching as he slashed outwards, she ducked back graceful even wearing layers of silk and lace, narrowly avoiding his grasp... 'Too narrow for my tastes' she thought, assured he was of a more powerful lineage then her own... she took no chances, and raced around the corner, soon enough though he had quickly advanced upon her, stuck like a rat in a trap she hugged the corner, holding the severed skeletal limb before her to create some barrier... "--I'm not human!" she shrieked, leaving out the 'anymore' part, "--I'm vampire... s-stay back... I have teeth! And Claws!" she added, put on her most frightful gaze, looking more like a wide eyed doll... and then she relaxed... a soft sigh, understanding dawning on her face, he was going to kill her if he wanted... and no limb bone or otherwise would protect her. Lowering her 'weapon' to the floor she held her hands upright to show she was not hiding anything, holding her place to give him some space, "--I'm sorry... I didn't mean to upset you... ugh... I hope you can understand me... I won't hurt you, I merely came here to escape my problems... I'm in trouble you see... I meant no trouble... if this place is yours... I-I will find shelter elsewhere... but please let me pass... I must hurry if I cannot stay, or for certain the sun will rise and destroy me..." she uttered, brows knitting together ruby eyes darkening to match the shade of her supple lips... standing in rigid contrast to skin the shade of the snow that fell above the catacombs...
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/20/2014 7:44 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Vittoria was suddenly disturbed by a loud crack, as if something had blown a wall in... frightful it might be Gareth pitching a fit looking for her before the sun rose above the sleepy town, she stilled her breaths... deathly silent like the walking corpse she really was... 'Nothing but the dead down here' she feigned, until it struck her. What if it really was him, what if he did come down here and she was trapped by four corners... mustering up her bravery, Vittoria straightened, puffed up her chest and decided to confront the perpetrator directly. Valiantly snatching a severed femur from one of the skeletal remains, she charged forward through the catacomb tunnels like a Bat out of Hell... clad in swathes of lush lace and silk like a Princess with a vengeance. Her battle cry was cut short when she ducked out into the next room seeing nothing...and then rounding the next corner she saw a figure the one belonging to Zazoe... indefinitely not human... and indefinitely... thankfully not her sire. Despite her wave of relief, out of caution until she knew whether the being was friend or foe... she stood at the ready in her Batters position, ready to swing if need be... "--Friend or Foe?" it was a simple enough question, one that she knew could be easily falsified, but she was no fool... and could read body language better then any expert, after all... she herself was inhuman. "--I'm sorry for my manners... for this..." she added, glancing up at her weapon of choice, "--But given the circumstances, I'm sure you understand..." another pause and she'd add, "--It's clear to me you aren't human, and if you aren't you'll surely know that I am neither... escaping the elements like myself?"

Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/19/2014 6:08 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Stern and headstrong, she'd curiously glance up and over at every snapped twig, every barking dog as if worried that every noise would belong to that fiend. Worried that every time she turned back to look at the path ahead, she would run right into him, barring her way forward. Casually brushing a loose inky black curl back hurriedly from her lovely pearlescent face, the chill from the icy wind was biting red color across her cheeks. The length of older family crypts were just up ahead lining the back of the old resting place along the black rod iron fence, instantly she hurried towards them, visions of the past darting through her mind, like a phantom vision appearing before her eyes Gareth stood before the crypt in the middle, dressed in only the finest imports that only a Gypsy King would wear, arms outward proudly chirping his knowledge with his progeny, young Vittoria... "--If ever you catch yourself out with returning day before you can flee home, hide in these crypts... they'e been abandoned for centuries, no one will look..." and then with a sudden whisp of unfurling snow, they were gone... leaving the bare crypt inviting her towards it, beckoning her closer and closer. Stirring up powdery snow as she ducked through the silent Cemetery, lengthy silk skirts flowing like fresh spilled blood over the white laden earth, she was caught completely unaware that she wasn't the only one in the Graveyard seeking shelter. Naturally when she came of age in her immortality, powers, like the kind she read in her storybooks as a mortal child living in Italy would appear: Mind Control, Flight, Teleportation, Shape Shifting, and the important one, heightened senses, the options were limitless, for now... she'd have to suffice with super strength. Pausing before the crypt, she rocked forward, pulling back, appearing little more than a plush guilded Doll...a Geisha easily, almost miraculously sliding the door to the left so she could enter, such a strange and curious sight for one dressed so, but at least she knew in her heart of hearts, this would be the last place he'd choose to look, mistakenly believing she only wanted the best of everything, and by the time he'd exhaust his search, he'd have to hide away from the day, leaving her one step ahead of him always... oh she could almost sing with joy...

[[Okay, either way :} it will be nice to write with Zazoe again, and sorry I got a little carried away, I can tone it down lol]]
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/18/2014 7:47 am
Vampiress Vittoria
[[Hmm, whatever you'd like to do... character wise, and what not, Anyways, I sent you an RP, I'm having it take place a few years after Vittoria was turned, normally I play her as a master vampire, but I thought I'd make her a fledgling for the fun of it... see how things work... hope this is ok]]

1718 Munich Germany (Bavaria)

She had enough of it, 'No More' she thought defiantly, a slip of strength and fire mirroring beyond in those blistering cherry red depths, her eyes like fading embers on hot coals, like sunlight through deep red autumn leaves, surrounded by wild leaping beauty, porcelain skin and funeral black hair. Vittoria was unlike most women, and not simply for her allure, but for the sheer fact she was anything but human, but instead Vampire. Fleeing on foot through the streets of the city dainty feet left small impressions within the snow, eventually they would fade with time... and lose themselves to History, as fast and fleeting as she moved. Down an alley, through the center square, allowing slip a few passing drunks, horror gripped her every step, afraid... afraid he'd be right at her heels... that dog, that b*****d... her sire... the man she had lost her humanity, and the warmth of the sun too. Even with years passed it still felt like a fresh open wound, and with each passing moment, with each new discovery of something lost... that night would surface again, the night she watched Gareth rip her family... her baby sister to shreds like paper before her very eyes... a lesson she would never forget, a lesson of weakness. Her refusal to hunt and kill, had been a product of that night, with an event that marred her psyche... in every victim Gareth and his clan slew, she saw in every man, her Father, every woman her Mother, and every child... her sister. Weakness... 'Pah!' she hissed brows knitting together, if he dared to retrieve her she'd show him weakness... this time at the hilt of the blade she'd stolen. Too distracted, she'd fail to make a mental note... arming herself personally (always) before the evening was through... another time perhaps. Gathering her skirts, she pressed onwards on, and on, until she rounded yet another corner... this one bordering the edge of town, leading past a long wall to the cemetery... and from there, open country. Unlike the pompous at times... recently aristocratic Gareth, the lady... although it was not her typical forte had no opposition to sleeping the day away in a musty old crypt... as long as it afforded freedom from her guilded cage back at the Mansion... away from... those others. Assured the coast was clear, she hurried forward as fast as feet and layers could carry her, very suddenly on the other side of the locked fence, hurrying down the path as if some manner of strange magic filled her...
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/14/2014 10:11 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Okay that's fine, I'll be using Vittoria, but she can exist in modern or classical times, so depending on what you want to do... The older we go back she might be human, or newly turned vampire, or she could have already existed for hundreds of years, or they could just be in some random strange otherworldly place ^^ just giving out facts or whatever
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/14/2014 6:30 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Well which character would you be using? Your naga or something else? Guess we can go from there.
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/13/2014 5:36 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Indeed, Larz is five now I think... Maybe six at the oldest, he was a rescue dog, and the person that we got him from didn't seem to know his real age. Well I'm glad you are getting a little better, it will take a little time... I just used to tell myself that they are in a better place, I don't know about other animals but I know my dogs have had souls, if my dog can understand when I'm sad and when I'm happy, he's almost human. Maybe if you like we can get back into rping? I'll be honest now that I'll probably be starting a job soon I won't be able to respond every day, but I'd still be willing to try? If you want to RP, what about?
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/12/2014 5:39 am
Vampiress Vittoria
It's terrible when things happen like that sad our dog Hanky (yeah silly name we named her when we were young, heh) was very miserable I think because she was so old, found her just lying with ants crawling all over her in and out her nose and eyes, I never hated ants more than I did that day, killed everyone I saw. I knew we were going to have to put her down after that sad we did, and her son our other dog Jimmy wasn't the same after that he was always depressed, both of them were sweet dogs... It pains me to think about jimmy especially we were inseperable, always together. When I came home from work or school no matter the time it was, he was inside my room laying in the dark alone waiting until I showed up even with my mom and step dad out front, he's gone now too. Then there were my step mom and dad's dogs Maxi and Sammi... Both sisters, litter mates, after Maxi went Sammi passed away too of a broken heart sad I'm so worried for the day when mine and my husbands dog Larz will go... Don't even want to think about it, well I hope you feel better whenever that is, like I said it's sad to lose a friend.
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 08/11/2014 6:31 am
Vampiress Vittoria
I know we rarely speak, mostly for me being so incredibly busy lately, but I saw your status sad for what it is worth, I am so incredibly sorry you had to put your pet down. Was he/she sick? It's always hard to lose dogs, we've had to put several down, it doesn't get any easier to lose a friend like that. And it's a shame, a double edged sword because it is so nice having them around, confide in your family, sometimes it's nice to have the support. -hugs- I hope it gets easier...

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