Angel With A Shotgun

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"If Loves A Fight, I Shall Die With My Heart On The Trigger !"

I would be the girl you see, wandering around Gaia with the adoring little piggy-tails in her hair. Who am I? You might ask, I am me of course. Roslynn (But please call me Rosie). I am a seventeen year old, female student, full time mother, and full time quester. (See my signature for what I am currently questing.)

I am a mother to a little silk maltese , a fishy wishy boy who is almost three years old. His name is Puck, but he has various other nicknames. He is my little sunshine in the world, and I would not give him up for anything. He is my handsome little boy, and always will be.

I have been on Gaia since late 2009 (this isn't my first account but it is my main and only one), and I cannot believe some of the changes this site has gone through and I'm positive that the changes will keep coming.

Feel free to private message me and get to know me better! If I don't know you, I won't accept your friends request!

"I Want To Live Not Just Survive Tonight !"
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Currently Playing Pokemon X: Message Me For Friend Code.