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Dark's Little Black book of impending DoOm

enter if you dare! you are at your own risk....

Edo,Gambit, Alchemy Freak... I have many names

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Heaven's Guide To Every Living Creature.

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Come Say hello, I don't bite.. Much XD

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Lucifer Knightroad Report | 12/15/2017 5:43 pm
not your fault.
X-iBunniee Report | 12/15/2017 12:11 am
Oh, why thank you n n

Came back to check my messages after a long time away from Gaia and arrived back to this~! O:
Thank you very much~! <3
Lucifer Knightroad Report | 12/14/2017 8:24 pm
Actually-- almost everyome forgot so i had a p lame day
Lucifer Knightroad Report | 12/14/2017 9:25 am
Thank you!
Ixtus Report | 12/10/2017 8:42 pm
Yeap, just like old times.
Ixtus Report | 12/09/2017 7:28 pm
You know me, I'm always up for hanging out. The only problem is time. I still got classes 'till the 20th but after that, I'm pretty much free.
Ixtus Report | 12/09/2017 5:30 am
Pretty much my life too haha. Nothing surprising. Hopefully next year will be my year??? I've said this a whole lotta times but really, it's the same every year haha.
ChatNoirAdrian Report | 12/08/2017 8:48 am
Have you posted in our supernatural rp?
Ixtus Report | 12/07/2017 9:09 pm
Eii ! So what have you been up to ? It's been a while haha.
Ixtus Report | 12/06/2017 10:40 pm
If memory serves me right .... didn't you cosplay Daryl from Walking Dead or is my memory just hazy. XD

"Broken by love but not as heart's most".

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