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Here's some avi art, and links on where I got them if available. There may be one or two poems or paragraphs added eventually if I feel like adding some.




I tend to lurk rather than actively engage on Gaia these days.
Offline you might catch me working, running, or curling.


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Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 9:27 pm
Chou- x3 More like "toys".

Gen- Oo! Mini board games are good to bring on trips! >.>

Chou- Clearly, we're not all on the same page.

Gen- >_>;?

<.< What if Alex retains some of his Poppy traits after the RPG's finished? ^^ I really like his profile wip.

Chou- ~.~ Too bad Zedd doesn't seem like a permanent character. It would be fun to see what else he can do.

Gen- ^^;; Oh, I dunno... I just might keep him around... for something.
Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 8:32 pm
Gen- ^^; Well, maybe they weren't worth reading... Even though, The Original Sinners' narrative is just amazing~

Lucanus- *recovers from the move and laughs* whee My, my--the little blue bird has become so bold! twisted I like him even more now than I did then.

Zedd- Very good. Ping the documentation over to me. *taps the side of his goggles as he turns away* I'll look them over as I pack.

Chou- <_< Zedd does his own packing?

Gen- >.>; Well, I'm not sure. Maybe he gets to pick out what to bring and all that.
Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 7:50 pm
Gen- ^^ I think it was rather poetic, Sulphur; Charlotte is very lucky have you. ^^; I'll just have to try my best to figure her out. *stares at Charlotte*

Trikks- And just how long are you going to sit there and stare. ~.~ So annoying.

Gen- gonk How mean!

Lucanus- *picks up FSoG and tosses it out the window* That's garbage, anyway. *grabs Alex before he walks off and pulls him back before pulling Dark into the huddle* Now if it's quality you want, may I interest you in either The Original Sinners series or The Marketplace...

Gen- *pulls Dark out of the huddle* ^^;

Zedd- Since you're standing here, oggling smut, with this riff raff, Pendergast, am I to assume that all the preparations have been completed? e_e

Chou- What a chilly air. whee

Lucanus- The window's open, dear~ ~.~
Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 6:53 pm
Gen- ^^; Thanks, love. It does fit her, given how I introduced her (Sorry, Alex~), but you were right in saying that it was over militaristic/predictable; even I have to admit that the military academy doesn't seem to suit her--but then again there's her Dark Mistress Character and her initial Scrolls profiles... I was thinking I should tone it down a little or maybe come up with a different reason (besides the military) for her behavior. Gah, it is her, but on the other hand it isn't her.

*grabs Charlotte/Trikks and shakes her* scream Y U so complicated!

Trikks- e__e So loud...

Gen- gonk Wah! Sulphur, talk to her!
Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 6:06 pm
^^ You're welcome.

sweatdrop Sorry for the really long delay with my post; I got stuck on Trikks' profile (it's quite frustrating) and decided to move on a work on Marie and Constantine instead. I'll try to get a post up as soon as I can.
Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 4:33 pm
lol! I had to figure out what Bane meant by "spamming". x3 Didn't realize you'd left that many comments. I think it looks great and that you'll be able to create more fantastic looks of your own. You're very welcome, love! ninja 'Course, I'm not done yet...

^^ And thanks it went well with the chompy freebies, lol.

Thornwick Report | 08/18/2014 2:02 pm
x3 Look who's got a new ninja look!
Thornwick Report | 08/07/2014 8:16 pm
^^; Real life--yaaaaaay~ I hope that you'll do well (job and mcat), though. 3nodding I wanna see a picture of you and that motorcycle. wink

I've been saved! The showing's been cancelled, so now my brain and I can relax a little. I've actually worked out the basic skeleton; the fancy pictures will have to wait until the school opens (I'll have more time then).
Thornwick Report | 08/07/2014 6:54 pm
Sorry for not responding sooner. RL responsibilities. xp And we're expecting more potential buyers/tenants again today. I haven't had much time to anything else.
Thornwick Report | 08/05/2014 9:53 pm
x3 It's a date! Though, at the moment I'm in Cinderella mode (my landlord's got his realtor coming over with a couple of potential tenants to replace us in the event we finally move out) and I'm cleaning. X__x;;


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