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Gender: Female

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About the Ninja

I am a university graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and an interest in Sport and Social Psychology. During the winter I am an avid curler. Prior to my current medical problems I was also a half marathon runner aiming to eventually run in the Canadian Death Race (125km run through the Canadian Rocky Mountains). I love reading and writing and am involved in a couple literate RPGs.

No random friend requests please!
Talk to me. I don't bite (usually).

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Klatt Report | 12/23/2016 7:03 am
This Christmas event doesn't take that long to finish.
Calacie Report | 10/28/2016 11:39 pm
Hope you come back soon Dark, we miss you heart
SilverFoxThief Report | 09/29/2016 8:16 pm
Dark? Where are you? ;.;
Klatt Report | 09/23/2016 8:39 am
You're missing out on an achievement.
Silver Freak Report | 09/09/2016 9:50 pm
No random friends requests?? gonk
*lip quivers*
Now I'll never have you as a friend, NEVER! scream
*huddles up in a conveniently placed dark corner*
Woe is me! I hath become misery!
JupiterGirl125 Report | 08/21/2016 12:47 pm
Hope everything is okay Dark, I miss you.
Ziro Officer Report | 08/11/2016 6:17 pm

I tried replying to your last PM, but the system wouldn't let me do it. gonk
smartalaku2 Report | 08/11/2016 11:55 am
Thank you, Dark... you shouldn't have........ * removes the slime I threw at you.... and apologizes* smile
Klatt Report | 08/10/2016 9:47 pm
Not sure if you got the August 9th, Happy Birthday Neko freebies from the guide.
Gwynefear Wigglynose Report | 08/10/2016 11:27 am
:[ I have no where else to say bye? </3
My day is sad now. I'm here if you want to vent and talk.


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