Hey there. I'm a sadistic girl in my late teen years that likes to draw and do artistic things. I'm actually pretty damn good at manga style art, so if you have a request of me, name it and I shall try and draw it. For Gaia Gold or Cash, of course. lol If you want examples of my art, please go to my website.

I'm into RPing, although not as much as some people. If I RP, I almost always RP as a vampire. I've been a big vampire fan since I was little. So... yeh.

I'm into the book series of Twilight, Harry Potter, the new one by Libba Bray or what's her name.... A Great and Terrible Beauty...and I love horror movies. I'm your typical goth girl, although if you saw me in real life, goth is the last thing that would come to your mind. Until I opened my mouth. lol My attitude towards life is less than cheerful. XD

Anyways... that's me in a very small nutshell.

Hope you like my playlist. smilies/icon_smile.gif yey for creepy music

My own version of Alice. Nothing can beat the game version, but if I wanted to dress up in real life like Alice... this would be it lol

This is the good version of Alice. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Sometimes, a bad girl has to be good.

Tighter does the madness curl
inside my head the sickness swirls
beyond a shattered looking glass
those horrors left my senses sparse

Loved ones burning in the flames
how I shudder from that shame
to have survived their fiery fate
has left my mind in an unsound state

But reason lost is instinct gained
My rage is loose, blood lust unchained!
My foes shall tremble when they see,
the darker side of little me!


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Down the Rabbit Hole...

This is just a journal I will occassionally write in if I have anything of monumental importance. Otherwise, screw y'all, I'm using livejournal.



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l LaB l

Report | 04/17/2009 9:22 pm

l LaB l

Hey if u want 100k or more click there.
it might take a few minute
here proof
User Image
Raison De-Etre

Report | 07/28/2008 6:18 pm

Raison De-Etre

Ok, you may need to change your profile; all the images are dissapearing. I can't really find the comments box anymore.

Report | 07/27/2008 3:36 pm


wow lady..your expensive @_@
Raison De-Etre

Report | 03/20/2008 7:07 pm

Raison De-Etre


your pet snake just took over a florence flask. i showed my mom she got scared : )
Raison De-Etre

Report | 03/15/2008 2:55 pm

Raison De-Etre


the new collectibles have alice in wonderland ^^ but the alice dress dosent look anything like the happy or mcgees version.i can give you 1 of mine.

Report | 02/27/2008 11:37 am


You're nakie!!!!
Raison De-Etre

Report | 02/21/2008 8:04 am

Raison De-Etre

ok i just tried that Vertigo candy stuff....-_-

it tatses like fermented coffe and i thought it was like a popsicle and surprisingly is only 1 inch long

and its not like chocolate on a stick...its like a lolipop,...horrible after tatse :burn:
Raison De-Etre

Report | 02/21/2008 7:14 am

Raison De-Etre

thx i tried to get the lunar one, but scince I usally buy from the marketplace it was about 16k (like id' really pay that much for a shirt D:< wink

Report | 02/18/2008 10:56 pm


*dances around to get tired*

Report | 02/14/2008 1:38 pm


Oy, I need to get my RP going again. User Image


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