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quick_star_blossom Report | 06/25/2014 6:56 pm
Hi there Dark
pretty good yourself?
DeathMasther Report | 02/17/2014 6:15 am
sry for late reply,and thanks~!
lostchildofthenewworld Report | 02/11/2014 4:26 pm
I just like all the features, I really wanna play The Walking Dead Game pt 2.

I'm trying to collect the action figures now.
lostchildofthenewworld Report | 02/08/2014 6:01 pm
That's good. I guess you have no reason to get an PS4?

I've been debating whether I should upgrade to an Xbox One. My brother bought one and he loves it. I'm not too crazy over PS
lostchildofthenewworld Report | 02/06/2014 1:36 pm
PS yellow light of death? Xbox Red Ring of fire or something.

Ha how ironic. Well atleast you fixed it. How's it working?
lostchildofthenewworld Report | 02/06/2014 12:39 am
Haha congrats on fixing your PS3
Mrs Foxy Nazi Report | 02/02/2014 5:06 pm
Thanks! biggrin
ReiXBunny Report | 02/01/2014 8:25 pm
I haven't mastered anything too complicated yet. When I first started out, I got my needles, yarn, and a few other trinkets at a thrift shop. I got library books on knitting, but I couldn't follow the pictures, so I went on youtube and learned by watching. Until I knew the basic stitches like a cast on, knit, and purl, then I found a hat pattern I really liked and went for it. It went pretty well. If I needed help or a problem, I would google it, because chances are that others had the same problem.
quick_star_blossom Report | 02/01/2014 5:28 pm
Oh hey dark long time no see
I'm pretty good yourself?
ReiXBunny Report | 02/01/2014 1:19 pm
Yeah, some time ago I took up knitting.
It takes a lot of concentration. Sometimes concentration I don't have.
I need another 3 more feet on my scarf.

Art and animations made for me

From Whispering Embers d(^_^)b

From Do Not Touchh d(^_^)b

From Psychopathic Passion d(^_^)b

From quick_star_blossom d(^_^)b
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From XxMeto4xX d(^_^)b

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From iMadysun d(^_^)b

From Karrot Kayke d(^_^)b

From Pixie Pasha d(^_^)b

From iitoxicblood d(^_^)b

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From Nekita LionTail d(^_^)b



My name is Justin, I'm 22, My birthday is October 3rd not January 29th the date is off. I like video games, cartoons, anime, and other stuff that makes me happy like music I can draw when I'm in the mood to just look at the art I drew on my profile. If you are interested in my art maybe I could draw your avi ;D fair warning I haven't drawn male avatars in a long time. Lately I've been working on improving my art by learning a new style to use in my drawings.
I use to be a high school student but those days are behind me now I graduated in the class of 09.
The kind of person I am
quiet sometimes if I don't know much about you but if I do I can be really talkative so look out.
funny I like to laugh a lot funny stuff gets me almost all the time
if there's other stuff you would to know ask me and I'll tell
for those wondering what I look like in real life this is me
the face behind Dark_Master_Zero

Avi art drawn by me and other art requests


XxMeto4xX (CG Color)


Tits the Mouse (CG Color)

Tits the Mouse

quick_star_blossom (colored)


Pai-Pai the Awesome


Satouki (Standing)

Satouki (Kneeling)

Xx_Lil Purple Kitty_xX

A female version of my Avi (colored)

A female variation of my Avi

Sexual_Socks (colored)


iitoxicblood (colored)



3DS Friend code: 3523-3441-5538 Add me for Pokemon, Animal Crossing etc. send a pm and I'll add you back