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Name: Dark Plagas

Real Name: Leon Kennedy

Gender: Male

Height: 5’11

Weapon of Choice: Any type of gun and occasionally a knife.

Virus: Traces of the Los Plagas and an unnamed virus.

Faction: New Umbrella (Not associated with Neo-Umbrella)

Personality: Bad attitude, doesn’t care much about anything.

Biography: In 2004, in the European countryside, while on a mission to save the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, Osmund Saddler infected both Leon and Ashley with the Los Plagas. They found a cure and rid themselves of the Los Plagas and Leon saved Ashley. They thought they were completely free of the Los Plagas until 3 months later. Alexia Wesker, sister of Albert Wesker, kidnapped both Leon and Ashley and told them they weren’t entirely cured of the Los Plagas, but still had traces of it in their bloodstreams. Leon had later become seriously ill due to the Los Plagas traces. To keep Ashley calm so things went smoother, Alexia cured Leon.

In an alternate universe, Alexia doesn’t cure Leon, but injects him with the same virus has her three headed dog Zeal and one of the viruses Alexia in infected with to stabilize the Los Plagas traces. It gave Leon incredible powers which he used to escape and never went back. Not even to save Ashley.

His behavior was more reckless than before and the government no longer wanted Leon to work for them, but they did want to experiment on him and find out more about the Los Plagas traces and the unnamed virus. Not wanting to be a human lab rat, Leon somehow managed to enter this universe where, to avoid confusion, he goes by the name Dark Plagas. In time, he became unstable. Has a result, his eyes turned completely red and has black veins you can see threw his skin. The Alexia of this universe found out about Dark Plagas and offered to help him learn how to control the Los Plagas traces and the unnamed virus, if he agreed to join her army. Having no other choice, Dark Plagas agreed.

Dark Plagas has since learned how to control his powers, but still has the red eyes and black veins. While he’s in Alexia army, he prefers to work alone and doesn’t get along with the other members of the army very well. The only reason he is still in Alexia’s army is because she pays well.

After a couple of years of working for Alexia, Dark Plagas discovers something Alexia has that might increase his powers. A green slime Alexia discovered in a hidden lab sha said use to belong to Wesker. Wanting to be stronger, because Dark Plagas thought Alexia would give him more missions and pay him more and because he heard rumors of Alexia wanting to replace Dark Plagas, he look for someone that might know about the green slime.

Dark Plagas finds Christine Yamata, aka Four Eyes, an ex U.S.S. member, forced to work for Alexia. Alexia had her work on the green slime and Christine was the one that injected Dark Plagas with the green slime.

Since than, Dark Plagas still has the same powers, but stronger and his eyes are now fully red, expect for his pupils and, due to the plagas and unknown virus getting stronger, they bonded more with him, causing his blood to become black.

Do I really have to do this?......Fine! This is the voicemail of Dark Plagas. Of course, if you have this number, you porbaly already know that or you dailed the wrong number, because you were too dumb to dail the right one or you're a crank caller that has nothing better to do with your life. Whatever the reason, leave a message after the beep, unless you're expecting a freebee from me, wich, if thats the case, don't even bother.


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Somethings About Dark Plagas and Such

Something to get to know one of my RP charicters, Dark Plagas charicters better and maybe a few things about the real me.



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