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Hello, my name is dark pillow, but you may call me pillow for short. :3 I'm studying art, and in my freetime I like to spend time on gaia, play videogames, watch anime or read manga, watch TV-series and drawing.

avi art of me:Thank you for amazing avi art!

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piccolo teacup

Report | 09/01/2015 2:33 pm

piccolo teacup

Yeah, I suppose... :/

Really? How odd. xD If those colors go well in what they're being used, I don't see why not.

I know I do. :c Sowwi.
Yeah, it is quite disappointing not to eat what you feel like eating at the time.
Cheese tortillas huh? <o< why don't you just put them in the fridge after you open them then?

Both the guy and the girls are frustrating! Everything about harems is frustrating, that's why I avoid watching them... the plot is pretty much always the same. -__-'
It makes sense but it doesn't stop being frustrating. I don't think the guy always falls in love with every girl, he's just attracted because they're usually all sexy, and you know, usually the guy is in puberty or a perv.
He refuses or acts like a moron because he's usually a virgin!! xD It's quite obvious that he gets nervous and such, haha
You're right though. I wish it wasn't the usual typical thing... every harem manga/anime seems to have the same type of plot, so all you gotta choose is really the type of style in art being used and how the characters look, I guess.
Maybe it is both. xD maybe it's their attempt of being "different", even though the plot is probably the same. (?)

Man, I miss baking. I'm glad my grandma is going to buy a new oven soon since ours has been broken. We've been using my aunt's but her sucks cause it takes ages to cook anything.
I want to make carrot cake!! <3
piccolo teacup

Report | 09/01/2015 1:12 pm

piccolo teacup

Yeah they are... most people get a license at 18, I guess I just didn't because... well, no money.
My grandma offered to help and pay for it though, cause she knows how important it is to have a license, even just to get a job. They often ask if you drive, so...

Oh nooo <o< I think that type of green actually goes really well with that kind of coppery color (hair).
Dark blue does too, I think it's good. :3

Yeah, that is true. Though now my craving is gone, of course. =u='
I just hope I get some appetite soon, because I've pretty much not eaten anything all day... apart from breakfast.

Wut. I just searched it up... what the hell is up with that? xD Haha, never seen such a weird harem, omg.
Personally, I'm pretty tired of harem... girls are usually annoying and c*ck blockers and nothing ever happens. It's like, even if there is romance, like I said, it's always interrupted and that's reaaaalllyyyy frustrating, for me at least.
It was very possibly a parody... or maybe just weird japanese fetishes, which is probably the most likely.
piccolo teacup

Report | 09/01/2015 11:56 am

piccolo teacup

Oh yeah, if I could i would drive myself a lot of places too. xD Honestly, I don't like to be dependable on others...
It's pretty annoying a lot of the time because sometimes they don't have time or something and you feel stuck cause you also have stuff to do.
It's that way with me anyways.

Well, of course. I think you can be very rude in any language. =u='

I like your new avi. <u< puh... I haven't had any appetite lately... even though some days ago I was having a craving for chocolate cake. :c
I'm so weird. Maybe it's just because I'm feeling depressed again. Dunno.

Report | 09/01/2015 11:48 am


If it makes you feel better, we have a sports team called The Los Angeles Angels... I'll let you guess what Los Angeles means xP

And earthy didn't mean it tastes like dirt, silly xD but it does mean its flavor changes based on the type of soil it grew in and what nutrients are in that soil, excluding species of tea of course, so it definitely does have a broader tastes, especially since almost every region can grow it.


Spicy food is the best! There is a fine line between good spicy and too spicy though. I can't do real indian food. I know why it's spicy, but still. Now it just ruins flavor when there is that much x.x

Report | 09/01/2015 11:12 am


"Tea" is still central Asian, so I think even they call chai "chai tea" (hehe tai chea... I made a funny), but call it so in India would be weird. And like coffee is bitter, tea is earthy. Throwing in more flavors alters that or hides it, but tea itself is still inherently earthy :3

"Being square" started off being a complement. Being honest, responsible, meant you were good on all ends; a square. The 50s-70s turned in into an insult when teenagers started having more control and freedom over their lives. That freedom meant they could act like conventionally bad influences. If it wasn't used as an insult it was used to tell someone to live a little. THE MORE YOU KNOW! *rainbow star*

I love cooking but hate baking, and like fake veggies like potatos. Steamed carrots are ok, and buffalo cauliflower kinda defeats the purpose but still yummy. Tomatos are only good to me on sandwichs, leady greens are just nasty crunchy water, and celery is a NEGATIVE calorie food so no thank you xP I prefer meats cheeses and starches with a few veggies here and there
piccolo teacup

Report | 09/01/2015 11:06 am

piccolo teacup

Hm, my grandma is a lot like that too. If it comes to something having to be changed in the house especially, she just never does it. Even if I offer to help. -3-

I suppose it is good and bad... To me anyway, it doesn't seem to be either one of those, but inbetween, lol. xD
But everybody has different ways of seeing stuff depending on how you're used to things.

Report | 08/31/2015 7:45 pm


India is unique in how they make tea. And though a literal translation for chai is tea, it is also its own flavor. I wish I could try it :c sounds good. The earthy taste I meant was tea. Dark chocolate has some earthiness to it but its kind of a sweet bitterness with that earthy flavor.

And square is slang here. Like being or doing things that would be considered uncool or unhip. Basically, if you go to bed early instead of stay out late, if you prioritize studying over hanging out, basically being responsible and honest xP

I am such a foodie for someone who eats as often as I do. Food is the best. Except greens. Greens are for deer and rabbits
piccolo teacup

Report | 08/31/2015 6:50 pm

piccolo teacup

It was... quite bad, yeah. I think I told you about it. ':l

Yeah, that would be super fun! <u<

Ah... maybe you just gotta talk to your dad about it and be the most convincing you can be? Not sure... he seems to be a difficult person.
I know right? I just wanna buy my own home and decorate it all as well. xD Gah~ it'll be so nice when that day comes <3

Well, in my language good manners are very appreciated, in emails, letters, whatever it is. xD
People seem to be losing them though... they just act blunt and like everybody is their pal, that is quite disrespectful actually.
It's always part of the etiquette to treat whoever you don't know with respect, especially to give a good impression. It'll automatically show that at least you have some education.
(I'm simply talking about our customs, but I thought it applied to most places) =u='

Report | 08/31/2015 2:44 pm


Chai is amazing. Delicious spicy milk tea *o*. Im not a coffee person at all myself, for the same reason, so would that one be good to me? Though separate, the after taste is awkward for either. Earthy and creamy chocolate one after the other makes my mouth feel uncomfortable.

Patience is for squares. I typically have a high tolerance for things like sticking hot silverware in my mouth, but food out of the oven.... it just tastes so good ; n;
piccolo teacup

Report | 08/31/2015 2:29 pm

piccolo teacup

Weeeell... I have seen some ******** up s**t and I'm pretty much done. 'xD

That really sucks though... I wish I would've known. :/
Maybe Gaia could create a game like that for us, gaians. xD It'd be nice and a lot of fun I bet. It'd also help people come together, which is (or should be) the purpose of a social site.

Well, if you need furniture just get it? <o< You said some are for free, that's amazing. ouo
One of the things I love to do is to decorate a house. Like, buying furniture or just utensils (especially kitchen ones, for some reason and with variety), dunno why I enjoy it so much.
Maybe because once I'm done I'll feel proud of what I did and comfortable in having a cozy place at my own way?
I actually need a new bookshelf... I have so many books that I'm already pilling them up on top of the ones I have, since my one and only bookshelf is quite small. D:

Yeah, exactly. I don't mind when people are straight forward, but there's a way and a "way", you know what I mean? In my language things need to be thought out a bit more carefully, because stuff can come out really rude very easily, even depending on how you write stuff.
For example, when it comes to people I don't know well at all (like friends), and I'm selling an email I start like:

"Good evening Ms. (whatever), I'd like to ask..."

And people often send me messages asking about stuff like:

"I'll take 5 for it." ; "I want measurements!"
(which btw, I always make sure to make detailed descriptions, with measurements and everything, so if they ask is because they didn't even bother to read what I wrote)

Pretty much that way. It does come across as rude, especially in my language, since english for me always seems to sound a bit softer for some reason.


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