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If you haven't already, check out the game's thread in the forums to find out how your avatar could kick a** in a fighting game, both figuratively and literally.


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hideous monster face Report | 12/09/2014 12:40 pm
hideous monster face
Your avatar is amazing!
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 11/28/2014 7:44 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
I... dunno. There are always new batches of WGers. But no, I'm not leaving.
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 11/28/2014 7:32 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
Sure. Hey, that's what the thread is all about anyway.
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 11/28/2014 7:15 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
I don't think so. I've read all the books. Besides, Hogwarts separates "Witchcraft" from "Wizardry".

But, given your definition, I won't complain. My long, cloak-like jacket probably also helped you to "misinterpret" me as a magic user. xd
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 11/28/2014 7:09 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
LOL. Nice poor description of my Pocky stick as a wand. Though, "wizard"? Aren't wizards guys?
iLluSiOn0f_siL3nc3 Report | 11/06/2014 11:18 pm
emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira ThAnNnxx 4 de3 pUrcHas3e!! emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Miyuki Satonaka Report | 08/04/2014 4:16 pm
Miyuki Satonaka
this is midnight calamity come jion me in towns at 1023 barton 7
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 07/19/2014 6:40 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
Yeah. That or it isn't my 20th birthday yet. But no. I've had my 19th this year also.
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 07/19/2014 6:31 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
Or, we could be two of the millions of people born in '95.
Avril Dizzy Ocho Report | 07/19/2014 6:15 pm
Avril Dizzy Ocho
LOL. So am I!

A chance to beat the living crap out of other avatars? What are you still doing here?!