Call me darc. Darc Arts is the name of a shop I used to run a while ago. One Post Profiles is my current shop.

Since then I've done graphics for various entities. The main ones being the UGMF, and zOMG Elite. The UGMF is the largest military guild on Gaia. I created their front page, ID cards, and most of their banners. See the link to the right if you're interested in realistic military RP. Personally, I'm retired. The zOMG Elite are a network of two clans and a guild. The primary clan is one of the largest on Gaia. I created their logos, clan info signatures, and various banners before becoming a VC. Again, see the link to the right if you're looking for a friendly clan with useful resources.

I like steampunk, industrial, tinkering, and Aekea. You might see me posting around GCD. If you're here looking for the creator of my FLOB art, try pekingMONSTER on the right. That's her shop. Be sure to read her rules before posting or PMing. I don't really know what to say 'about me', this is the first profile I've ever had. It's also the first I've ever made. So if you like it, leave a comment (links to comments below). Special thanks to - Abilify - for doing the coding. He's awesome.


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