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Some Rules to visit this devil.

Don't be an idiot.
99% of the time, I will reply to you in character.

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Yoshikazu Report | 07/05/2015 9:45 am
Yoshikazu Report | 07/04/2015 10:40 am
I'm mainly on tumblr and steam now
Yoshikazu Report | 07/03/2015 9:47 am
I'm still glad to see that I still have a friend here. and yeah I've been mostly to other places as well now.
Icy Vergil Report | 06/26/2015 3:16 pm
Icy Vergil
"I suppose anything is possible, but..."
He shook his head.
"You're fine the way you are now."
Icy Vergil Report | 06/23/2015 9:57 am
Icy Vergil
"Fairly certain."
He lightly rested his forehead against Dante's and stared.
Icy Vergil Report | 06/21/2015 4:05 pm
Icy Vergil
"I doubt you'd fetch anything but pizza, but being house-trained is a good start."
He tousled Dante's hair.
Icy Vergil Report | 06/18/2015 1:24 pm
Icy Vergil
The snickering evolved into a short laugh.
"Maybe I should just start calling you Cerberus. You probably drool a little more than he did."
He poked Devil Dante's stomach teasingly.
Icy Vergil Report | 06/17/2015 9:44 am
Icy Vergil
Vergil snickered, amused.
"Some things never change."
He leaned down and patted Devil Dante's stomach.
Icy Vergil Report | 06/16/2015 11:47 am
Icy Vergil
"I'll train you, alright. Open up."
He took a rare candy and popped it into Dante's mouth.
"How about that?"
Icy Vergil Report | 06/07/2015 4:44 pm
Icy Vergil
"In your dreams, perhaps."
He snorted, scowling at his twin.

Jammin' tunes.


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