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    Welcome! I hope that you are doing well on this beautiful autumn day. I'm sorry about the mess; I'm in the process of redoing my profile and it's a work in progress.

    You can call me Dangerosa. If that's a mouthful, feel free to call me Danger, kat or panda. Usernames I have used on this site in the past are gataki91 and gataki_xx. Was trying to move away from numbers and underscores with this username, which is inspired by Danger from Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series.

    I am a twenty-four (24) year old Canadian female with an iBA (international Bachelor of Arts) in Sociology and I'm currently in law school in the French Common Law Program and will be graduating after this academic year. I speak English and French fluently, some Spanish and Farsi, and I know enough German to ask for directions and understand them.

    In my spare time I love to write stories, poems (in French only), or read. My favourite two books of all time are: The Prettiest Feathers and The Tunnel of Night by John Philpin and Patricia Sierra. In part one of the first book, I can really identify with Sarah. That feeling of wanting to die and being brought to life by a perfect stranger. I know exactly what that's like. Though as the book progresses and even into the second book, I find myself empathizing more with Wolf, the killer. Those books were the first to elicit any kind of emotional response from me. They still get the strongest response from me.

    Some of my best friends on Gaia are esude, Chowfaun and xxXShiv3rXxx. I mention these three because I have more of an emotional connection to them than anyone else.

    ✦ If you combine both the Western Zodiac sign is Scorpio. Under the Chinese Zodiac I'm a Metal Sheep. My Primal Sign is the panda. Please keep that in mind when you're talking to me. It's my personality in a nutshell.
    ✦ Once bitten, twice shy. You piss me off, I'll hurt you.
    ✦ I'm one hundred seventy centimetres tall (that's about 5'6" for you Americans).
    ✦ The music and the picture on my profile are from Pandora's Tower. A great Wii game.
    ✦ My favourite game of all time, though, is the Golden Sun series.


    P.S Last updated November 18th 2015


xxxxxAlcнeмy Lv: 8
xxxGrαde ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎
xxxxxxxxxxx♥︎xxx Celestial Quest Inizio
xxxxToтαl xxx Received from esude 14.03.15
xxxxToтαl xxx Cherubim's Wings: Alchemized 15.03.15
xxxxToтαl xxx TBD
xxxxxxxLv 2xxx 16.06.14
xxxxxxxLv 3xxx 16.11.14 xxxxx ⬚⬚⬚⬚⬚
xxxxxxxLv 4xxx 12.12.14 xxxxx ⬚⬚⬚⬚⬚
xxxxxxxLv 5xxx 17.01.15 xxxxx ⬚⬚⬚⬚⬚
xxxxxxxLv 6xxx 28.01.15 xxxxx ⬚⬚⬚⬚⬚
xxxxxxxLv 7xxx 06.03.15
xxxxxxxLv 8xxx 12.03.15