My name is Dan Fawx. Dont think twice about talking to me, if you want to go ahead. I really enjoy meeting to new people. I like all genres of music, I play all game consoles I can get my hands on, I love to draw, I watch as much anime as I can (not enough if you ask me), my pokemon is Cubone, my favorite DC character is Flash, favorite Marvel character is Captain America (Not because of the Avengers movie). I play Xbox (my Username is also Dan Fawx if you want to be friends)
Age: 18
Hobbies: Drawing and helping others in need
Status: Joyful 90% and serious 10%
Life Goal: Bring happiness to ones I come across
Fav. Food: Pizza
Likes: Finding new friends to help
Dislikes: Water, ignorance, and people who don't care for others
Abilities: Turn into a fox (can only transform once a day)




~Days with no smiles, are days wasted~