About Me


Hi, I'm Dalpal. Well not really, but you can call me that.

Please scroll down for more boring information I doubt you will read:


* My gender is Female
* I've been a member on Gaia since April 2007 gaia_angelleft
* I live in Canada. Nova Scotia to be more specific
* I can speak both English and French. With English being my first language
* My birthday is February 7
* My favorite color is pink
* My favorite animal? I would say Dinosaur but living animal is a penguin


* Pizza hands down is my favorite food yum_pizza
* Relationship Status: In a happy relationship
* I love music, books, anime, movies and TV shows
* Siblings? I have one elder brother Gaia username zorc the deadly
* Pets? Just one, a cat, at least at the moment
* Musically inclined? No, not really aside from flute and very basic piano


* Sports? Cheerleading both competitive and school
* Education? Currently in my second year of nursing BScN
* Dream Vacation? Paris


Books and Anime
❤ I enjoy genres such as:

- Fantasy (dragons, elves, and dwarfs sure why not might
be interesting)
- Science Fiction (vampires, witches, and werewolves
absolutely I'm there)
- Romance (so long as there is some science fic in the plot.
Straight out love stories bore me to death. Girl loves guy, guy loves girl,
someone dies, The end.)
- Post-Apocalyptic (there really is nothing like the end of
the world to make a good story)

❤ I avoid genres such as:
- Classic Romance (for reasons explained above)
- Horror & Thriller (love the movies can never seem to get
into a book version)
- Anything Poetry (I refuse to even read it. Sorry not sorry)
- Non-Fiction (Not all but most do not interest me to read in
my free time)
- Can I add university textbooks to this list or does that not count? Aha xd

❤ All time favorite books are anything written by Rick Riordan.
- Percy Jackson & the Olympians
- The Heroes of Olympus
- The Kane Chronicles
- Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard
- The Trials of Apollo.
- The 39 Clues
- And this list will continue to grow as he writes more as I can't seem to get enough!

❤ Current favorites on my bookshelf include:
- The Hunger Games
- The Host
- Harry Potter
- Divergent
- I am Number Four
- The Inheritance Cycle
- The Lord of the Rings
- Vampire Diaries
- The Maze Runner
- The Selection
- Uglies
- Matched
- Dark Visions
- Forbidden Games
- Secret Circle
- Mortal Instruments

❤ Anime I enjoy
- Naruto
- Vampire Knight
- Rosario + Vampire
- Death Note
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Fairy Tail
- Sword Art Online
- One Punch Man
- Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
- Kingdom Hearts
- Full Metal Alchemist (both original and brotherhood)

* I also am on Wattpad and Fanfiction and enjoy many stories on there as well

Movies and TV
* As you can possibly imagine some of my favorite books are also my favorite movies or TV shows. With the exception of Percy Jackson since they absolutely slaughtered the plot line in the movie to the point where the series could not continue because they pulled out so much and stole things from later books into the first movie. I cannot connect that horrible movie to a wonderful book. Although perhaps I am prejudiced as the movie itself was alright it was just the thought of how it compared to the book that was so disappointing. Anyways end of rant.


❤ All time favorite movies:
- Harry Potter
- How to Train Your Dragon
- Jurassic Park
- Anything Disney (especially Moana and Frozen)
- Mr. Popper's Penguins
- The Host
- The lord of the rings
- Forrest Gump
- Up
- V for Vendetta
- Finding Nemo
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- The Avenger's
- All of the separate superhero movies (Iron Man, Man of Steel, Captain
America etc.)
- Eight below
- Divergent
- Avatar
- Pitch Perfect
- Horror movies (the conjuring, the cabin in the woods, Scream, Sinister, Don't Breathe, The Ring, You're Next, The purge, etc.)

❤ All time favorite TV shows:
- The 100
- Grey's Anatomy
- House
- The Walking Dead
- Fear the walking dead
- Prison Break
- Supernatural
- Big Bang Theory
- House of Anubis
- Z Nation
- Ellen
- Stranger Things
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Criminal Minds
- Lost
- Flight 29 Down

❧ Well, congratulations if you got this far! sweatdrop

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