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My name's Penny but feel free to call me dalia, violet, whatever strikes your fancy honestly. i like spooky things and the color purple and making avatars with weird colors and watching too much anime and playing too many video games and drinking too much chai tea. I also like chatting with people about stuff, so please feel free to shoot me a message about whatever

my tumblr is violetoblivion and probably will give you a better idea of what specifically i'm interested in. I tend to be fairly active on there.

Thank you stopping by and I hope you have a pleasant day. ✧


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A little random something

Fear the Shaniqua ramblings!

Poems, short stories, important info, but mostly posts about things that anger or depress me.


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knock knock
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate things. That guy was just so charming and goofy and is the only impression I have of linguistics. dramallama

Do americans attend uni during the summer?
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

I wish you fortune in co-habitation! Remember your friends fondly when you go insane due to dishes piling up. xd heart

I had a class mate who studied linguistics prior to joining our summer psychology class. He failed everything and spent an inordinate amount sniffing flowers and enjoying life. Kind-hearted fellow. Charming. I've no idea what happened to him. xp
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

Sometimes I'll change my avatar really dramatically, and I'll feel really pleased. Then, the next time I log on, I'm like "Noooooooo..." and change it back. sweatdrop

Oooh, what's your major?

I tried the roomate thing when I started uni a few years ago. It had it's ups and downs. xp
Miss Phoebe Phoenix

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Miss Phoebe Phoenix

Thank you for supporting the charity with a purchase from our store.
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

My avatar rarely changes these days. Perhaps I've reached perfection, or something. xp

I'm fine! Stressed out of my mind and currently in the throes of a fever, but otherwise I'm fine. Life's not dull, at any rate. whee

How about you? How's life on your end?
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

I occasionally stalk the market place. That's about it. <_<

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cannot believe someone ******** ruined 20 years of progress

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Knock knock
Marcus Alice

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Marcus Alice

It lives.


"I heed not that my earthly lot

Hath——little of Earth in it—

That years of love have been forgot

In the hatred of a minute: —

I mourn not that the desolate

Are happier, sweet, than I,

But that you sorrow for my fate

Who am a passer by."