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TheJackOLantern Report | 09/16/2014 11:27 pm
- head butts -
Miss Mockery Report | 09/07/2014 9:59 pm
hey daken
I Am John Kramer Report | 08/19/2014 6:36 am
Hello, Daken. You may not know me, but I know you. I wanna play a game.
Anna Rogue Marie Report | 07/18/2014 2:11 pm
Still hangin' 'round Ah see!
Good ta see ya ol' friend. ~
Laura Kinney The Weapon X Report | 07/18/2014 9:55 am
Laura glared at him a little and crossed her arms over her chest. "Just wanted to stop by, there is no harm in doing that is it?"
Laura Kinney The Weapon X Report | 07/15/2014 8:35 pm
"Well if it isn't Daken, still looking to gain more power than you already have?" Serene emerald eyes stare at him with her arms crossed.
Miss Mockery Report | 05/18/2014 11:05 pm
(Well there ya go)
Miss Mockery Report | 05/17/2014 9:38 pm
((We both wanted the kid, she still has the ring he gave her, hell she gave up nate so she could have dakens kid. They planned it if i remember right he begged her to go with him she agreed and he left her after that))
Miss Mockery Report | 05/16/2014 10:01 pm
Kyra smirked and looked at him "its Jareth, and if i remember right you wanted a son from me" said "anyway you are just another notch on my belt." Said watching jareth get pissed off as she moved to collect her son. "By the way enjoy your lonely life, come along Jareth we have a plane to catch and a new life to live" said smirking "goodbye Daken"

(after all the trouble he went thru to have kyra as his own im surprise he is just letting her go out the door.))
Miss Mockery Report | 05/15/2014 7:11 am
"Nothing much really he just wanted to meet his father before we leave gotham for good." Said "we dont want to be apart of your life, least i dont anymore and i sure as hell dont want my son part of your life. You are not the man i thought you were. I wouldve jumped at the chance to be with you a life time ago but now i see you for what you really are." Said keeping her son close "a pathetic man who rather be alone with his empire and never really be happy." Said before looking at her son "you get five minutes then we have to leave and catch our plane" "yes mother." Jareth said and nodded as ky moved away. Jareth took a look at his father "so mother tells me you are supposed to be my father" he said "i can see the resemblance but thats about it." Said "the only thing i want from you is to never come find us. She has worked hard to give me a good life, and having you come in whenever you want will destroy that." He said "so im asking dont come looking for us after today mother has moved on from you" smirked "she doesnt love you anymore, nor want you in her life after today" said "i dont want to know you anymore. You knocked my mother up and left her at the alter, lemme ask you something, did you ever once stop and think you couldve had someone who wouldve bent over backwards or your pathetic empire?" Asked "by the way Gotham is yours, mother has handed over her part to you." Said "we are leaving and we never want to see you again"

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Name: Akihiro
Alias: Daken, Wolverine, Weapon XI

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Age: Appears 20

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair color: black
Build: Athletically built, fit

Orientation: Straight, attracted to females.
Marital: Single

Occupation: Vigilante, adventurer, former hit man, former agent of Romulus, Dark Avenger/X-Man

Relatives: James Howlett( Wolverine, father), Itsu (mother), Victor Creed ( Sabertooth, half-uncle) [yeah it's true. Read Origins:Wolverine], John Howlett III(uncle), John Howlett II (Grand father), Elizabeth Howlett (Grandmother), John Howlett I (Great Grand father). Akihira (adopted father, deceased), Natsumi (adopted mother, deceased),

Groups of affiliation: Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men, Weapon X, Howlett Clan

Base of Operation(s): Madripoor, Hollywood

Powers: Like Wolverine, Daken's primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. Although he is over 60 years old, he has the look and appearance of a man much younger and in his physical prime.

Daken's physical stamina and reflexes are also heightened to superhuman levels as a by-product of his accelerated healing factor. As with most of his powers, the full limits of these powers are unknown.

Daken possesses retractable claws housed within his forearms. Daken's bone claws have been shown to be black in color with a very rough texture in contrast to the light color and smooth texture of his father's claws in their natural state. Daken has two claws which emerge from between the skin of his first and third knuckles while the center claws actually extend from the underside of his wrist. These claws are much harder and denser than normal human bone and their natural shape provides them with a razor sharp edge capable of easily slicing through flesh and bone very easily. Recently, Daken has had the claws which extend from the underside of his wrist bonded with a broken piece of the Muramasa blade. The Tinkerer, who bonded the broken piece to Daken's claws, has also implanted artificial housings that act as sheathes inside Daken's wrists that are made of Adamantium. According to the Tinkerer, the substance the Muramasa blade is composed of would severely damage Daken's soft body tissues, hence the presence of the Adamantium sheathes. However, the Tinkerer has explained that the bonded claws can be broken and that Daken only use them in certain situations, such as using them only when he's sure he can deliver a wound without the possibility of the claws being damaged. As they're bonded with the broken shard, they're capable of inflicting wounds that greatly nulify the efficiency of accelerated healing factors. Even those with highly advanced healing factors, such as Wolverine, require several days to fully heal even minor cuts with the blade and the blade is capable of inflicting wounds that would be immediately fatal.

Daken's claws are very sharp. His claws are a mixture of metal and bone. His claws are able to cut through flesh/bone, and he is able to cut most metals as well if given enough force.

Daken's mind is naturally resistant to telepathic probes and assaults. As a result of Romulus' conditioning, Daken's mind contains a certain, un-described "trap" for most telepaths that attempt to push too far into his mind.[25]

He also possesses pheromone manipulation that suppresses his scent and alters emotions and sensory perception of others, e.g. sexual attraction, psychotic rage, rational thinking, etc..[23] However certain individuals have proven immune to Daken's pheromones, most notably Hulkling, a Skrull/Kree hybrid, and Skaar, the son of the Hulk and another alien hybrid. [24]

Daken recently revealed that he has a level of empathic ability during his battle with Cyber, using his powers to drive him to brink, and explaining that he could sense what other's were feeling and even force them to feel more of it. This brings into question weather his other abilities are simply hereditary (because of the recent revelation of the Homo Lupus.) and that this is his mutant ability.

Daken is said to be be faster and more agile than his father, due to the fact that he doesn't have a Adamantium skeleton.

Carbonadium Digestion: Daken's healing factor can be dramatically slowed if Carbonadium is implanted inside of him, such as swallowing something made of Carbonadium or being wounded by a bullet composed of it. It causes his healing factor to be reduced to a slow crawl, at least in comparison to its normal speed, but doesn't fully suppress it.

Skills and personality

Unlike Wolverine, Daken has no moral compunction about killing innocents, which he has done in a professional capacity for quite some time. In his appearances he is seen murdering several people. However, like the Winter Soldier, the majority of Daken's personality had been artificially erased, rendering him little more than a living weapon capable of tactical and strategic forethought in order to carry out assassinations.

Daken has formidable hand to hand combat skills, though the extent of his exact training has yet to be revealed. However, he has proven capable of defeating his father, Deadpool, and Cyber (who at one point was Daken's instructor and has acknowledged that Daken is a better fighter than himself. Cyber, however, does not consider Daken a worthy opponent due to his lack of an adamantium skeleton. His ability to appear outside his opponent's field of vision is a direct result of his training since he has no superhuman speed.

According to Emma Frost, Daken has been heavily and irreversibly brainwashed. Professor Xavier does not share her view on the second part of that statement. Daken acknowledges that Wolverine is his biological father and yet harbored an animosity toward him for being responsible for the death of his mother, which he later learned is not true. Daken once showed loyalty to a mysterious figure known as Romulus, who has been a powerful influence in the lives of Wolverine, Wild Child, Sabretooth, and Cyber. However, thanks to Xavier's help, Daken has recovered some of his original mind and now seeks revenge against Romulus.

Personality: Daken is a very shifty person. No one ever knows what his motives are at times, and he is known for betraying people whom his is close to. Daken is usually underestimated by his opponents, but he usually shows that he is their superior. Daken tends to not socialize with other people seeing how he thinks himself being better.




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