Birthday: 12/18

Things about Me (A Pure Introvert)

Hobbies: Watching TV, mostly anime, Gaming and I
also Enjoy Sleeping and listening to music.I Would also like to leave the house once in a while.

Favorite Food: Almost anything since I am always Hungry.
I do Prefer Boil over fried and Bake food though ^_^

Why am I Hungry? No Money can't aford food. No, no ,I am just afraid of the sunlight.

Real Life Personality: Quiet, Shy,Some What Serious and Friendly to Some. Bad Social Skills. A Loner. Loyal To His Friends, But Can Easily Lose Loyalty Base On Mistreatment.

Dislike:Taking the Bus and Being Unprepared, Hate Anything That Taste Bitter.

ROLE OF THE GAME ( ZOMG) Brain Clam/Bladed Vase

Status: Retired

My Role in Gaia, is either a Stalker or Creep and on someday's,

I can even be that Knight In Shining Armor you had always dream of or just an Animal.

I like to propose to people or flirt to see unexpected victims reactions.

The outcome can be laughable or just devastating.

Then there's those Lazy's Days....

Where I just go and Guard the Tree's of Village Greens with the Status of AFK.




Hello there, I see you too, are stalking my profile page, well um, enjoy. Nothing Special Here Though.

Time Played:

April 18 2014
December 7

For-Ever Lost In Thought...

All I Want To Do is Sleep.....

To Cease, To Be....

Smile ^_^


Love Is Such a Wonderful Feeling,

But Why Do I Feel So Sad.

Wait!.... HUH?

It's Because my Goldfish Died.

Is it Because I am Lonely.

No, No.....

Smile ^_^