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April 18 2014
December 7

Dakaza, The Stalker of Beautiful Women

Hehe, Welcome to my profile.
I am known as "The Stalker of Beautiful Women,
Dakaza". Safe to say, I am now retired ^_^
So there is no need to be afraid of dark alleys
or lonely nights. You no longer need to look
out the window toward the bushes or check under
your bed and even your closet. Sadly to say,
you will no longer have the feeling of some
one secretly watching over you everyday. You
will no longer have flowers place on your door
step with a note telling you to have a great
day, and when you come home from a long day of
either work or school, you will miss the
routine of unlocking your door, then being greeted
with the smell of a warm meal that was prepare
for you full of love. Oh, hehe, there is also
the idea of me no longer watching you sleep
while I pet your hair, whispering to you,
that you matter. The life of a stalker was great.
I met lots of great people and seen many
wonderful places trough my journey to slay
The Animated. To raising a cow army to stalking
the beauties of ZOMG. This is the tale of
"Dakaza, The Stalker of Beautiful Women" .
All I ask is that you remember my name.
Take Care, and Hey,
Smile ^_^