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Kurokawa; Daisuke, A.

Name Kurokawa; Daisuke
Age: 21.
Sex: Male.
Race [Primary]: Ao Kitsune
Orientation: Asexual, powerful lean to nothing.

-Some notes-
The name Daisuke usually is interpreted as helpful, or a big help- but that is not the case. He walks along the warmth of the earth with ill-intent. All of which that he dishes out as he so pleases. His family ties are purposefully detached. The mention of him sends disappointment to his ancestors as they hoped he would merely be a simple trickster and scare persons near to death with pranks.

That does not satisfy him. He enjoys the misfortune of others to such a degree- that he had decided to be the focal point for many family's downfalls. his "Kitsune tricks" as many would call them stir up the true meaning of unwarranted hell in households all across the nation.

Daisuke has two forms; The blind Settler and his true form. both of which are relatively charming. Both not to be trusted.

Blind Settler: He gives niiave persons a sob story, appearing blind and helpless. He tends to lead them astray until he is bored with them, or even decides to enslave the more oafish men, women, and children he tricks into killing in his name. He does this only for enjoyment.

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