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i like expensive things lmao



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Real life: Hi, I'm Lauren! I live in the USA and I'm really socially inept shy. My favorite things in life are my cats, music, my family, and the Sims 3. I've got my very own kitty named Duke and he's my baby. I'm homeschooled and I'm also a lazy poop. I might come off as boring at first but I promise I'm not, just a little bit quiet but I love making friends, especially if you're willing to talk a little bit extra to make up for me. I'm a strange person with a really dry and sarcastic sense of humor, but above any of that I'm awkward as heck and bad at holding conversations, sometimes. I like reading a lot. And writing. If you write poetry there's a 99% chance that I want to read it. I love the The Killers, Marianas Trench, and Marina & the Diamonds. My favorite TV shows are My Mad Fat Diary, Breaking Bad, and American Horror Story. I've been on Gaia since 2008 but not on this account.

On Gaia: You can find me in the Sign Shops, Requests, and Contests forum most of the time. I've made a lot of friends there and it's become my internet home. I'm sort of a retired sign maker (been making them since 2010), so I will usually just participate in sign auctions or will do signs for decent bribes now. I also spend a lot of time in the Art Shops/Art Requests forums because I'm an art whore * u * I occasionally post in Chatterbox when I'm bored, and last but not least spend some time in my favorite guild, It's a Girl Thing. Weirdly enough I have managed to make friends on here. I <3 Matthew, Bree, Marie, Minx, Lauren, & Jon, and they probably all hate me WOOO. I don't love random friend requests but I'd love to become friends with anybody who isn't creepy.


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