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Doktor Mengele Report | 02/20/2008 8:10 pm
Thanks, me too. Ahgagaga.
Priest of Judas Report | 02/16/2008 9:46 pm
Wow. A web comic that actually looks like it's worth a crap.

Good job, I never get into these either, cept this. User Image
x Stitchbunny Report | 02/16/2008 9:38 pm

amazingg webcomic.
`Ari Report | 02/05/2008 7:24 pm

O: You can't believe how surprised I was when I saw Perfect Gentleman Dunn in your sig. I love that webcomic. <3
Maatro Report | 01/07/2008 9:53 pm
Hiya, it's so nice to meet you and no, you do not know me. I Mag (not really). I hope we can become good friends and rivals User Image
ELIZABETHisASIAN Report | 08/19/2007 4:40 pm
I LOVE ur drawings!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could draw like you!
Citch Report | 05/01/2007 3:16 pm
You draw very lovely pictures
Crimson Flame Report | 04/22/2007 11:58 pm
Excuse me for kissing your a** but I love your comic.
Burnout Breaker Report | 01/28/2007 11:28 pm
nice arena entry, i really liked it.
S-ism Report | 01/16/2007 1:08 pm
Your webcomic is well-drawn and has a pretty engaging story compared to most trash on the internet.