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Art by Bleeding Apocalypse, avi by me, and the doll the avi is based on


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By Bleeding Apocalypse


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Both by ThanatosRising


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By Miss Dandie


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By PinkMintTea


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By Macabeak


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By Junimaia


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By Jalen Reinier


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Cupcakes by Betsey-chan


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ID by Miss Love Tantei


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ID by Achikah



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Daffodil, the Destroyer of Worlds; and assorted characters

Daffodil the Destroyer's avatar

Last Login: 09/23/2017 1:00 pm

Registered: 05/17/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Géorgie, États-Unis d'Amérique

Birthday: 08/05

Blah, blah, blah, Daffodil talks too much.

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Greetings, Gaians. I am Daffodil, Destroyer of Worlds, but that was too long for a username, so Daffodil the Destroyer it is. You can call me Ishmael Daffodil.

I'm an '06er, in my 30s {oh god how did I get this old gonk }, married, and I have a bachelor's degree in music but my job now is typing documents. xd

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Tektek was what finally convinced me to join Gaia, and my basic goal here is to amass as many toys as possible. whee Even if they rarely or never get used on a saved avatar, I want as many options as I can get my hands on! One of my favorite ways of making avatars is to mix around things that don't look like they should go together until something does go together! whee It's a way to avoid the temptation of making a whole avatar out of the same color scheme, at least, even if it does sometimes result in absurdity and regretfulness! whee

If I'm marked "online" but I don't respond to a message or a quote notice, I'm almost definitely not ignoring you (unless you've messaged me about the price of something in my store - sometimes I ignore those - sorry! ^^; ). I'm usually multitasking like a mother, so I probably got busy before I had a chance to reply, or I may be playing Lake Kindred and haven't noticed yet. Or it's possible My Gaia didn't give me a quote notice at all. So if I don't get back to ya within a few days, feel free to gently poke me. Ouch! Hey~! I said gently! >:C Unless it's about the marketplace. If I don't respond to those, please don't message again. ^^;

Things I love include fuzzy little baby goats. Grown-up goats are pretty good too. Like Jean-Paul Goatier. Jean-Paul is a very playful goat! Another thing I love is being snarky, but I'm also a big softy who wants everyone to love each other and all that hippie s**t. I have grown to hate the word "problematic," though I often agree with the sentiments expressed by it. Seriously, the word makes me cringe.

My favorite activities include Gaia-ing, sleeping, reading, playing video games, and consuming cheese. I'm a lifelong Pegasister and a Super Nintendo Junkie. Favorite games include but are not limited to: A Link to the Past, FFVI, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Bravely Default/Second, A Link Between Worlds, the Fallout series, and Majora's Mask. I overuse emoticons quite frequently. wink

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I am both a "soft" or agnostic atheist and a minor religious enthusiast. I was raised Christian, but I find deities and supernatural beings improbable (though I am enjoying flirting with Krishna right now), but I like to learn about past and present belief systems and try to understand them; I think that knowing at least a little bit about many different cultures is very important and helps people get along in spite of their differences.

Despite the Terranigma screenshot above, I probably have not shaved (lmao, nobody got time for that, just cover those legs up and go xd ), and I am not one who is offended if someone offers to pray for me. whee Prayers are a kind expression of support, especially when we are limited in our ability to assist (and I appreciate and am grateful for all the times people have thought of and prayed for me), but I think if a person IS able to help in some material way, it's better to do that. After all, someone usually has to come along with the resources or skills to be the answer to a prayer. 3nodding

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User ImageSome Gaia stats: User Image

Boxes in the wild (i.e., not crafted/Alchemized):
*~Pink Links: 64 // Blue Giftboxes: 45 // Pink Giftboxes: 40 // Brown Giftboxes: 47 // Golden Giftboxes: 3 // Wooden Trunks: 44 // Gold Trunks: 8 // Fat Cat Alerts: 5 // Philosopher's Caches: 3~*

The thread that was boring enough to win me my invisibility achievement!

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Image credits:
SNES images created by Nintendo and/or Squeenix, screencapped by Daffodil the Destroyer
Tiny heart blinkies found on Photobucket in early 2000s; artist unknown
My Little Pony blinkie: star382000 @

Zut alors! La gardienne d'enfant a explosé!

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Cheshire Kattz Report | 09/20/2017 12:20 am
Cheshire Kattz
Btw cRew can know its me. No big secret! 3nodding
Cheshire Kattz Report | 09/20/2017 12:18 am
Cheshire Kattz
You too
Cheshire Kattz Report | 09/19/2017 6:02 pm
Cheshire Kattz
Yes its me
Lycanthropos Report | 08/16/2017 8:58 am

Love the avatar! biggrin

Lycanthropos Report | 07/08/2017 1:42 pm

The wings are a bit heavy, especially since Midas stroked them. whee
They were a surprise gift from an anon benefactor! I was thrilled when they popped up. biggrin

Chocobo Princess Report | 06/18/2017 5:57 pm
Chocobo Princess
I tend to use (overuse?) commas to indicate various levels of subordiation within the sentence.

I find great satisfaction in reading older, more grammatically complex fiction (such as the novels of Dorothy Sayers) which, even if poorly edited, still carry enough commas and parentheses to support the structure of the sentence./nerding
razor sharp intellect Report | 06/13/2017 1:15 pm
razor sharp intellect
Oh! Ha! I am literally holding my side from laughing so hard!
Trying to explain a Foley! That's just too funny!
I know - total saturation with all these realities of life, death, and worse: the stages in-between -
can and DO leave one a bit....REAL? Like "skin" is nothing. Blood, guts, and what comes out of the guts at variable velocity is so: normal!
Your Granma might not like what we call LPNs - Let's Pretend Nurses! Which is totally not how I see them myself! Absolutely not!
More than once my bacon has been saved by one of my favorites! -btw- RN = Real Nurse! rolleyes
PBaBS c/LOC - I am Critical Care, that was created for giving report: Pine-Box at Bed Side With a Lily on Chest.
Translation: They're not doin' well, not expected to last the shift.
Anybody else, hearing or reading this, would think that I'm and You're a tad....Hard?
You're right, you hear it, all the time! How do you stand a chance?
I started College at 16 - instantly into cadavers, etc. Then -- an immersive Nursing School, 3 days of Clinical a week - 8 hr shifts, too!
Not like what goes on today!
Off to Alphabet Soup-Land!
razor sharp intellect Report | 06/12/2017 2:57 pm
razor sharp intellect
- Actually, I'm an RN. I've told many a soul that it actually stands for: "Registered Nag" !
- Meaning: I have a License TO Nag - which I will DO if my wants are not met! -
So far, so good!
Ah, yes! I like your "World of Medical Alphabet Soup"!
A Funny: A bunch of us 7pm - 7am Shifters go out for breakfast after,
and we invariably meet-up with our counter-parts in Fire Dept and Hway Patrol and all sit together.
I began to notice, awhile back, that people near us, after listening to our War Stories seemed to lose their appetite!
It has reached the point that one very popular eatery just puts us in their Banquet Room - far, far away from the tender ears of the general populace!
You know how it is, you talk "shop"!
What do you do? We have a bunch of....interesting abbreviations that have evolved of the years.
Not unlike LOL in NAD -- my very own creation, that has been in use for 3 yrs now is:
PB@BS w/ LOC. I work T/SICU (Trauma/Surgical...)
Lycanthropos Report | 06/06/2017 9:29 am
I built this avatar off the birthday gift you gave me. Thank you! biggrin (I'm really pleased with the result)

Cheshire Kattz Report | 06/01/2017 9:31 pm
Cheshire Kattz
Cool thx


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