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By Miss Dandie

By Bleeding Apocalypse

Both by ThanatosRising

By PinkMintTea

By Macabeak

By Junimaia

By Jalen Reinier

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Cupcakes by Betsey-chan

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Qui a coupé le fromage?!

Daffodil the Destroyer's avatar

Last Login: 01/22/2017 9:45 am

Registered: 05/17/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Les Etats-Unis

Birthday: 08/05

Occupation: Musician, MLS


Call me Ishmael Daffodil.

I have a bachelor's degree in music, but I work in the considerably less exciting field of record documentation. I'm married. I'm... *gag* 30-something (how did this happen!?), but I prefer to think of myself as permanently 25... though sometimes it feels more like just 5 (and sometimes more like 85 smilies/icon_xd.gif ). You don't even understand how much I love baby goats. Grown-up goats are pretty good too. Like Jean-Paul Goatier. Jean-Paul is a very playful goat!

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I think sometimes I sound weird and pretentious online, but it's very unintentional. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif My "voice" when I write, for whatever reason, usually ends up sounding like a mixture of lazy colloquialisms with oddly formal and awkward language, usually with lots of really amateurish and choppy sentences and over-explanation. I literally listen to doctors talk in this manner all day long, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. smilies/icon_stressed.gif

I usually have my preferences set to NOT display my online status, but since that function unfortunately doesn't seem to work on friends lists and guilds, I'll go ahead and give a heads up: If you see me "online" but I don't respond to a message or a quote notice, I'm probably playing Lake Kindred on my phone or tablet and haven't seen the notification yet. smilies/icon_xd.gif

I love to get snarky sometimes, but I'm also a big softy who wants everyone to love each other and s**t. I have grown to hate the word "problematic," though I often agree with the sentiments expressed by it. Seriously, the word makes me cringe.

My favourite activities include Gaia-ing, sleeping, reading, playing video games, and consuming cheese. I'm a lifelong Pegasister (since gen 1) and a Super Nintendo Junkie. Favorite games include but are not limited to: Fallout 3, A Link to the Past, FFVI, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Bravely Default, A Link Between Worlds, Fallout: New Vegas, and Majora's Mask. I overuse emoticons quite frequently. smilies/icon_wink.gif

I am both an atheist and a minor religious enthusiast. I find deities and supernatural beings improbable, but I like to learn about past and present belief systems and try to understand them; I think that knowing at least a little bit about many different cultures is very important and helps people get along in spite of their differences.

Despite the Terranigma screenshot above, I am not one who will usually be offended if someone offers to pray for me or wishes me a Happy <insert name of a religious holiday here>. I know that people almost always mean well when they say these things (I won't even get into the "Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays" argument here lmao). But at the same time, I think that actions are always better than prayers. I don't hold it against anyone if they aren't in a position to take actions to help someone, but I think if a person is in a position where they are able to help in some way, it's better to do that. After all, in order for a prayer to be answered yes, someone usually has to come along with the resources or skills to help. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

Some Gaia stats:

Boxes in the wild (i.e., not crafted/Alchemized):
*~Pink Links: 56 // Blue Giftboxes: 39 // Pink Giftboxes: 32 // Brown Giftboxes: 41 // Golden Giftboxes: 3 // Wooden Trunks: 40 // Gold Trunks: 7 // Fat Cat Alerts: 5 // Philosopher's Cache: 3~*

The thread that was boring enough to win me my invisibility achievement!

Image credits:
SNES images created by Nintendo and/or Squeenix, screencapped by Daffodil the Destroyer
Tiny heart blinkies found on Photobucket; artist unknown
My Little Pony blinkie: star382000 @ LiveJournal.com
FiM icons by LiveJournal users: myfebruarysong, qasr_e_shirin, gweakles

Zut alors! La gardienne d'enfant a explosé!

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Queentintin Report | 01/03/2017 5:00 am
Thanks for the prize, was a surprise wow emotion_hug
Mummykat Report | 01/02/2017 11:38 pm
Thank you so much for the "Starbabies" item. I've had that on my Wish List for years. I am delighted to have that one now. Thanks again.
angelic snow angel Report | 12/24/2016 10:09 pm
angelic snow angel
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Waffle King Richard Report | 12/06/2016 3:50 pm
Waffle King Richard
I hereby swear under penalty of perjury, that the spoiler tag contains something nice.

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Lycanthropos Report | 09/10/2016 4:38 pm

Heya! One of the YouTube channels I really like is PhotoshopSurgeon. It's lotsa fun. So I was flipping through vids today and found this. Throught you might get a kick outta it. whee

mermaid_goth Report | 09/04/2016 10:20 pm
I love the Otter gif. heart mrgreen
Lycanthropos Report | 08/09/2016 11:28 am

Well now aren't you the clever one... whee It never occurred to me about the GOP attaching a super conservative as veep to the highly impeachable Drumpf as a way to get who they *really* want in the White House! Next time I go to pull off a devious plan I'll be sure to run it by you. 3nodding

I def agree that the Drumpfster is in it, not because he wants to serve his fellow American,
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha THAT'S A SCREAM ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha AS IF OMG LOL LULZ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha OMG that is HILARIOUS LIKE Drumpf cares about what is good for ANYONE but HIMSELF
but being in the spotlight, additional fame, somehow making money from it (of course because his being rich and successful is all he talks about), and who knows what else. I'm not so sure those are so much conspiracy theories but likelihoods given what his past behaviour has shown us about him. One thing is for sure... this election will make the textbooks and be talked about for a long long time.

Lycanthropos Report | 08/08/2016 11:52 am

So I had to click on your siggy link and revisit that, for it is good humour. whee
I do believe my prediction regarding Drumpf is coming true, tho (knocks on wood), that now the race is down to two
candidates, it's serious business and the spotlight & magnifiers are really out, he will be his own undoing.No one will
have to undo him for us, he will take care of that nicely. Assuming he actually stays in the race till election day. xd

faelove64 Report | 08/05/2016 8:16 am
Hope your day is filled with lots of joy & laughter heart

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CanyBites Report | 07/04/2016 12:21 pm
Happy4th ofJuly
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If I have an awareness ribbon equipped on my avatar, I am probably using it for one of the following causes:

Endometriosis, suicide prevention

Bipolar disorder

Anxiety disorder

Guillain-Barre syndrome (and its big brother, CIDP)

Invisible illnesses

Baby otters for you!

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