hi im nicole !!! i am ur typical average asian girl trying to find my place in this world but i have no idea what im doing 90% of the time n when i do know what im actually doing im usually touching myself playing league. i v much enjoy making out a lot n cuddling n i have a tendency to adore cute dorky asian boys (or just my bby in general). i love lacy bras n black thigh highs n other cute undergarments bc my boobs and legs r important n deserve the best. i have an hourglass figure n s’ i struggle s much buying jeans sigh. life is p tough for me but its filled w happiness n excitement n i can never wait for tomorrow. i love cute lil plants n animals n nature along w being passion about social issues, league, n late night skype calls w my soybean. i love taking walks w the augusto bc i can talk about anything n he would listen n man oh man. i care a lot about my grades n i am overly hard on myself whenever i dont get straight a’s n im sick of it but i still do it anyways hahahahhah i wanna shoot myself. im awfully lonely most of the time n i long for affection ( both sexual and sensual but sometimes mostly sexual sry ). i say i dont have time for tv but in reality i just get overly anxious about all the shows i have to see s’ i dont rly watch anything but when i do eventually get in my mood i obsess over ncis, sailor moon, doctor who, pll, gossip girl, ahs, fringe, n random shows on tlc n hgtv. my fav types of movies are black n white/classic films, horror, n romantic comedies ( yes i am that type of girl n he hates me for it ). i love my cat alaska v much n she makes me v v happy !!!!! i love butts but not my own n i think a** grabs are rly hot. kinda in luv w this one kid named after a month he wasnt even born in (loser, i know) ♥. i love reading n my favorite book is a catcher in the rye. i v much enjoy bright lights, american apparel, fashion, ice skating, movie dates, cuddling, pastel colors, cara delevingne, horror movies, n etc etc. im kinda a shy loser irl but over the internet im apparently pepppy n kawaii af so iunno how that works out but yeah!!!! (i also overly use exclamation points!!!!)


i like traveling , art , stars , rain , lil convenience stores w cutesy food (you know what i mean) , people watching , astrology , long comfy car rides , good music , polaroids , glitter , cigarette smoke (im gonna die from secondhand smoke one day lol ) , big cities , small apartments , coffee shops , big sweaters , debates about christianity (or debates about anything theyre rly fascinating n i love having strong opinions ), cute lil plants and animals , evolution ( or just thinking about it in my own non scientifical way ) , pixels , pokemon , doodling , my kitty alaska , slam poetry , making out (duuuuuuude) , ncis , american apparel , ricola cough drops , late night skype calls , my friends n family , lush products , bubble baths , quilts , n studio ghibi films .

im so madly in love w this loser like duude hes great


i hope you are having a lovely day & please always remember that you are a good person & that your past does not define you !!! please keep battling against your demons because you will win this fight even if it takes an entire lifetime to do it !!!!

( i like pretending i can be inspirational bc i rly rly do wanna help others )



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hi im nicole n im a tad bit too obsessed w american apparel n my boyprend.
☾ lv // thirteen // pescetarian ☽
i look like an 8 year old i apologize

t u m b l r
i g
c r u s h


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