im nicole . the times i open my mouth to speak , im usually humming or whistling old tunes or complaining about things . life is a dilemma for me but i am trying my best to appreciate it . i think the world is beautiful and i think cute lil plants and animals are a sign of that . most days i wake up past noon , sometimes even on school days . i have good grades and i actually really care about academics . im trying my best but it still hurts n i keep letting myself be hurt by the past n what will never be . my feet are usually always cold . im awfully lonely a lot of times & i long for affection . we are all apart of something big in this world and every lil action will have an effect . i like watching pokemon and anime and ahs and everything in between . i love falling asleep to indierock or kissing to indierock or just doing nothing to indierock . im terrible at memorization . im very curious and very stubborn about many things (in fact almost everything) . i fell in love twice , but whos counting ? i love watching classic movies as well as b&w movies . i like the smell of california and cigarette smoke .

i like traveling , art , astronomy , stars , rain , lil convenience stores around the corner , people watching , astrology , long comfy car rides , good music , disposable cameras , polaroids , glitter , revolutions , cigarette smoke , politics , big cities , small apartments , coffee shops , big sweaters , debates about christianity , cute lil plants and animals , evolution , pixelated things , pokemon , doodling , my kitty alaska , sailor moon , cute boys , and studio ghibi movies .


i hope you are having a lovely day & please always remember that you are a good person & that you past does not define you !!! please keep battling against your demons because you will win this fight even if it takes an entire lifetime to do it !!!!



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hi im nicole n feminism is v important to me, as is sailor moon, god, cute lil plants n animals, my cat, n slam poetry.
☾ lv // thirteen w a mind of a 19 yr old // pescetarian ☽
i look like an 8 year old i apologize

t u m b l r
i g
c r u s h




dumb 13 year old asian girl that loves nature n cute boys a lil too much